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Huskies Offer Extra-Long Las Vegas Recruit — And It's No Stretch

Derek Meadows hails from Bishop Gorman High, Eddie Ulofoshio's school.

At 6-foot-5 with arms that go on forever, Derek Meadows is an unfair high school football player in so many ways.

The helpless defensive back doesn't stand a chance against him with his reach on the end-zone fade route.

Opposing quarterbacks can't see anything except elbows overhead when they try to throw over this guy.

And then there's the enemy punter, who can't get his kick off fast enough with this extra-long body hurtling at him.

Meadows just completed his freshman season in Las Vegas for Bishop Gorman HIgh School, the same place that sent linebacker Edefuan Ulofoshio and wide receiver Rome Odunze to the the University of Washington, and he terrorized everyone on the football field no matter what he did.

Recognizing this, the Husky coaching staff on Saturday offered a scholarship to Meadows, his fourth overall, joining BYU, Colorado State and Hawaii.

Many more will be on the way once recruiters across the country get a load of him, his long legs and those gangly arms that can create all sorts of mayhem. 

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The Huskies are recruiting him as a wide receiver after this Class of 2025 prospect caught 15 passes for 203 yards and 5 touchdowns. His quarterback just throws a high ball where only Meadows can catch it, with the big kid often enjoying a 5- or 6-inch height advantage.

Bishop Gorman also lines him up at rush end and turns him loose. Not shy when it comes to contact, Meadows logged at least 5 sacks and as many pass deflections. He also recovered a bad snap, broke a tackle and scored from 26 yards out, one of a pair of recovered fumbles for him. He blocked a punt, too.

On his extra-thin 185-pound frame, the towering Meadows runs well and has exceptionally soft hands, making him a handful — for any opposing offense or defense. 

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