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Huskies Offer No-Frills San Diego Cornerback

Jahlil Florence adds the UW to his growing list of scholarship options.
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Jahlil Florence is a no-frills high school recruit from San Diego, someone who doesn't show his face a lot on social media, with a preference to announce his college football offers simply with stock images.

On Thursday, the 6-foot-2, 183-pound cornerback from Lincoln High School and the class of 2022 announced that the University of Washington and defensive-backs coach Will Harris had extended him a scholarship offer through a Zoom call.

Note the big W with the word "football" against a simple purple backdrop and nothing more. No doctored images of him in a college uniform in a college stadium somewhere, just a school letter and a simple message. 

Florence adds the Huskies to a growing list of suitors that includes Michigan, WSU, Oregon, Oregon State, Syracuse, Boise State, San Diego State and Fresno State. He appears to be fairly open-minded about making his final selection.

"I will play football anywhere," he tweeted, without posting a photo, of course. "It doesn't matter the state or the weather circumstances. I just want to play against the best of the best."

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A 3-star recruit, Florence lightheartedly has referred to himself as "Flo Island," mentioning that it's a lonely place out there because opposing teams were reluctant to target him.  

Limited to a short pandemic spring season, he and his fellow Lincoln High defensive backs christened their secondary the "No-Fly Zone." 

Florence, as this video shows, is an aggressive player not afraid to mix it up while pass defending.

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