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Huskies Offer Arizona Corner/Returner, Absolute Terror in the Open Field

Just a sophomore, Aundre Gibson had kickoff, punt and interception returns for scores.

Aundre Gibson handles cornerback and kick-returner duties for Desert Edge High School in Goodyear, Arizona, a city 17 west of Phoenix and named for the national tire and rubber company. 

The tread connection is apropos because the 5-foot-11 and 180-pound Gibson ran laps around so many opposing teams on Friday nights last fall he seemingly always was in need of a pit stop and fresh wheels.

Just a sophomore for a team called the Scorpions, he proved wildly entertaining as he ran back a pair of kicks for touchdowns and nearly broke a half-dozen more.

Gibson also returned one of his four interceptions for a score, bringing him a 4-star rating and making him look like a modern-day Deion Sanders.

He hit the trifecta with 91-yard kickoff, 75-yard punt and 25-yard interception runbacks for touchdowns. 

On Thursday, the University of Washington extended a scholarship offer to the elusive young Arizona prospect, his 13th overall.

Again, he's just coming out of his 10th-grade season, always moving at full speed, always getting loose.

"I'm a sophomore right now and I'm not pushing it too hard," Gibson told Arizona Sports360. "I'm letting it come to me."

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For his 10-3 playoff team in this outer Phoenix suburb, Gibson piled up 679 yards on kick returns alone and another 55 on his pass thefts. 

He's just one of those guys who has a knack for finding the open field and running away from everyone, plus he's proving to be very adept as a lockdown corner.

Gibson has other offers from Nebraska, Oregon, Arizona, UNLV, Iowa State, Arizona State, Oregon State, San Diego State and Washington State, among others, and he's just getting started. 

If he doesn't hear from Coach Sanders and Jackson State, there's something seriously wrong here. 


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