It's May Madness for Elite Football Recruit Josh Conerly

The Rainier Beach offensive lineman teases his social-media following with "big announcement."

Josh Conerly Jr. tweeted out early in the week that he had a "big announcement" coming.

On Tuesday, after keeping everyone in the college football recruiting world in utter suspense for 24 hours, the offensive lineman from Seattle's Rainier Beach High Schoo made the big reveal.

He posted a colorful graphic of himself and different university logos to indicate his immediate intentions.

After his virtual drum roll and corresponding tease, Conerly cut his list of suitors to something a little more manageable for everyone involved.

He pared it more than in half ... to a dozen.

Well now.

Most high-level high school football players would walk on their hands, shave their heads and live on protein shakes nonstop if it would bring them a dozen scholarship offers to choose from. 

Conerly got rid of 17 schools and kept those I12 breathlessly awaiting his decision.

He can send half of his office staff home right now.

Such is the world of the heavily recruited 6-foot-5, 275-pound offensive guard or tackle for the class of 2022.

By settling on this delirious dozen, he kept the hearts and minds racing of recruiters whose careers depend on teenaged decisions such as this and kept in a giddy mood fans hopelessly addicted to the endless football Easter egg hunt. 

The winners of the latest round of Conerly's personalized May Madness were, in alphabetical order, Alabama, Arizona State, Auburn, California, Michigan, Oklahoma, Oregon, Stanford, Texas, UCLA, USC and Washington. 

Of the Huskies, Conerly told 247Sports, "That's the ultimate for a kid in Seattle. It's just a team I’ve been around for a while, with my boy Nate [Kalepo] going there. Me and coach [Scott] Huff, we talk 2-3 times a week. We’re always on the phone. With what coach Huff is doing, I’ve seen the come-up there."

Those who were forced to take him off their mailing lists and speed dials were, in alphabetical order, Arizona, Baylor, Boise State, BYU, California, Colorado, Florida Atlantic, Indiana, LSU, Nebraska, Nevada, Northwestern, Oregon State, Tennessee, Utah, Vanderbilt and Washington State.

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