Scoutlook: Germie Bernard and What Makes Him so Good

Trevor Mueller

Jimmy Lake and the Huskies secured their first commit of the 2022 class in receiver Germie Bernard, an intriguing prospect with high upside from Liberty High School in Henderson, Nevada. 

Husky Maven/Sports Illustrated's Trevor Mueller breaks down his game and explains what makes him a highly coveted player.

Size: At 6-foot-2 and 195 pounds entering his junior season, Bernard will be physically ready to play when he steps onto campus.

Speed: Bernard is an explosive athlete who accelerates quickly. His first few steps separate him from other players at his level.

Strength: Germie Bernard is one of the stronger receivers in his class. He breaks tackles and fights for extra yards. What stands out on his film is his willingness and ability to block.

Hands: With strong hands, Bernard consistency makes highly contested catches. He has a large catch radius and high-points balls well. He secures the ball away from his body, ensuring the catch before bringing it into his chest.

Feet: Bernard has quick feet and can accelerate quickly. He is at top speed quickly and that forces corners to turn their hips. He stops and starts quickly and stays balanced.

Football IQ: Germie Bernard is a polished receiver who knows how to separate. He finds gaps in the zone and knows when to lower his shoulder for more yards. He understands blocking schemes and how to spring teammates free. As he develops, his route-running will tighten up.

Scoutlook: There is a reason Bernard is considered a high-profile recruit. He is elite in one-on-one situations down the line because of his athleticism and his strong hands. He is a violent blocker that, combined with his catchability, gives him the potential to be the top receiver in the 2022 class. He will have the opportunity to play very early in his career at the University of Washington. 

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