Scoutlook: The Impressive Growth of 2022 Prospect Anthony Jones

The Nevada recruit is a hot prospect on both sides of the ball. Trevor Mueller breaks down his game and why the Huskies are interested.
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Anthony Jones, a tight end and an outside linebacker from Liberty High School in Henderson, Nevada, gained an unreal 50 pounds between his freshman and sophomore years, and he carries it well. 

“I do circuit training, one day will be legs, then chest, then arms," Jones said. "We do everything from tire flipping to front squats and benching. I learned how to run properly. I’m faster at 240 than 190.”

The two-way player and 2022 recruit from the Las Vegas suburbs has a chance to be a major prospect on both sides of the ball.

Size: At 6-foot-3, he's at an ideal height to play either outside linebacker or tight end. With his 240 pounds, he still moves effortlessly at that weight.

Strength: Combining his size with his athletic quick-twitch moves, Jones shows off his strength with quick powerful moves that shed blockers. His area in need of development is keeping his pad level lower so he can consistently drive ballcarriers back. On the offensive side, he creates separation with by using his hands when running routes.

Feet: Jones has light feet and he's does well in coverage. He stops quickly and drives his hips toward the ground, allowing him to change direction freely. His ability to stop and start when running route enables him to create separation quickly.

Hands: Jones’ hands are powerful. He is violent with quick movements to disengage blockers, enabling him to fill running gaps or get to the passer.

As a receiving tight end, his hands are soft. He snags balls in tight coverage by securing the ball with his hands and bringing it to his body.

Football IQ: On defense, Jones shows his experience. He flows well along the line of scrimmage and reacts well when shooting the gap to stop a running play behind the line. He is a quality linebacker in coverage with proven instincts.

On offense, Jones is very good at setting up defenders to create separation quickly. His physicality will make him a dangerous weapon in the passing and running game.

Scoutlook: Putting on 50 pounds of good weight in an offseason shows Jones has the desire to be great. Combining his work ethic with his frame and explosiveness makes him a highly intriguing prospect with top-end upside. He would be an asset on either offense or defense.

Defense Comparison: Travis Feeney

Offensive Comparison: Hunter Bryant