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UW Hosts Pair of Twins, Tractors on Recruiting Visit

The brothers are both defensive linemen who haven't been heavily pursued.

You hear the name Parker, as in Peter, and you associate it with Spiderman.

Over the weekend, the University of Washington hosted a couple of Parkers, Jayvon and Armon, on a recruiting visit. 

They're twins and they're Tractors.

Both defensive linemen and packing 6-foot-4, 295-pound frames, the Parkers come from Dearborn, Michigan, and Fordson High School, which has Tractors for its mascot.

Fordson is a long-time tractor brand for the Ford Motor Company.

As for the Parkers, they're a pair of siblings who appear solidly built in their images but, according to the recruiting websites, haven't been recruited much at all. They're both from this Class of 2022, so they're looking to sign with someone.

Courtney Morgan, the Huskies' new recruiting coordinator and formerly in the same role for Michigan, must know something the other college football talent scouts don't. 

Again, the Parkers were in for a visit, but they haven't announced any Husky scholarship offers. 

According to his social-media posts, Armon Parker has an offer from Illinois and Northern Michigan. 

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He comes off a senior season in which had 65 tackles, including 23 for lost yards and 10 sacks, plus 12 quarterback hurries and 4 forced fumbles.

Jayvon Parker lists invitations to become a preferred walk-on for Michigan State and Western Michigan, while he has offers from Lane College, West Liberty, Northern Michigan, Wheeling and West Virginia State.

Often times, twins want to play together on the college level and it's difficult for many of them to land a pair of scholarships at the same school.

Maybe these guys are more Spiderman than Tractors, where they turn into football super heroes with special skills once they pull on a uniform.

Now if they start swinging from buildings using web power, the Huskies better not hesitate to give them scholarships.

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