Jim Mora Jr. Talks CFP Expansion

Jim Mora Jr. Talks CFP Expansion

WVU Football Recruiting: Inside the 2022 Class

Recruiting profiles of each WVU Football class of 2022 commit.
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West Virginia Football Commits - Class of 2022

TE Corbin Page (committed on 12/26/20)

6'5", 255 lbs

Huntington, WV - Spring Valley HS

Power 5 Offers: Louisville, Oregon, Virginia, Virginia Tech, West Virginia.

Analysis: Page is a very intriguing prospect. He looks like an extremely athletic offensive tackle playing tight end. He runs exceptionally well for his size but tends to get a little top-heavy on routes with a change of direction. If he can keep his feet under him on those, he'll be able to clean that up pretty easily. Although Page can catch the ball in traffic over the middle, he is more of a vertical threat that can hit on deep balls and make contested catches. Some of that may just be Spring Valley taking advantage of his size and just throwing the ball up to him knowing that he's going to come down with it more often than not. He's so much bigger and stronger than the competition he's playing against so it'll be interesting to see how he translates to battling against bodies his size at the next level.

OG Charlie Katarincic (committed on 3/18/21)

6'5", 280 lbs

Wallingford, CT - Choate Rosemary Hall

Power 5 Offers: West Virginia.

Analysis: Katarincic is a bit of a raw prospect that will need some time to develop once he reaches Morgantown. Adding some weight to his frame will be his number one priority which is something that will be quickly taken care of under strength coach Mike Joseph. With that said, he does have a ton of pure strength so adding to that frame will only make him even better. As far as on the field, there's a lot to like. He is consistent at sealing off defenders off the edge in the run game and quickly identifies which defender to take on if the rush goes outside. Since his school likes to run the ball in between the tackles a lot, Katarincic has a good feel for how to pave those gaps upfront. Despite not being fully developed, Katarincic's footwork and pad level are in pretty good shape which are two huge areas for a lineman to have nailed down.

OT Sullivan Weidman (committed on 4/1/2021)

6'6", 300 lbs

Brookline, MA - Dexter School

Power 5 Offers: Arizona State, Boston College, Duke, Georgia Tech, Indiana, Louisville, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Nebraska, Pitt, Rutgers, Syracuse, Vanderbilt, Virginia, West Virginia.

Analysis: I love the toughness that Weidman brings to the table. He's one of those offensive linemen that just seeks for contact as soon as the ball is snapped and wants to hit as many guys as possible. Weidman does a good job of pulling and getting to the second level of the defense, opening up huge lanes for the running back. Pass protection is very good but could be the area that needs the most improvement. He definitely has a future at tackle but looks like he could be capable of kicking inside to play guard if needed.

WR Jarel Williams (committed on 4/8/2021)

6'3", 175 lbs

Saraland, AL - Saraland HS

Power 5 Offers: Colorado, Florida State, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kansas State, Kentucky, Nebraska, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Tennessee, West Virginia.

Analysis: Williams is a really smooth route runner that does a good job of getting vertical and getting behind the secondary. He uses his length and size to his advantage in the red zone making tough contested catches but can really carve defenses up underneath in the screen game. He doesn't have blazing speed by any means but he's pretty quick for being a 4.52 runner and creates separation with ease. Williams has all the tools to become the complete package at the next level. All he has to do is to continue to make strides in his development and grow into his body.

Evaluation from SI All-American Recruiting Analyst John Garcia Jr.:

As a junior in 2020, considered Williams' breakout campaign at the 6A program, he led the Spartans with 802 yards and 10 touchdowns receiving, averaging 19.5 yards per catch along the way. It earned him all-state honors in the state of Alabama's second-highest classification.

In digging into the available tape on Williams, it appears he has the physical makeup to contend for WR1 responsibility down the line. The frame is striking against (very good) prep competition, and it makes him a vertical threat without much wasted movement. He puts pressure on the cover man with long strides and enough polish at the top of the route to flip his hips, too. While he isn't the fastest prospect, he has enough juice at that size to work with a complete route tree.

Where Williams surprises given the size is his ability to make plays with the football already in his hands. He showcases some suddenness and the ability to decelerate better than most at his size. As he continues to work on lowering his plane to maximize his lower-body strength and ability to pull away from defenders, this strength will become a bigger one. Williams made plays in the catch-and-run game and return game on routine in 2020, breaking tackles with above-average physicality on occasion, too.

A very good varsity basketball prospect who led the Spartans into the playoffs this spring, there is classic and understandable wide receiver body control on display. Williams is quite comfortable with the football in the air and he can adjust based on the flight of it. As he polishes up his hands, with more examples of plucking the ball away from his body and/or playing at the apex, his catch radius and the quarterback's margin for error will each grow.

Should he graduate early, which he told Al.com is more likely than not at this point, it would mean his hoops career has come to a close and he could focus on his football frame (and game) moving forward. The strength and good weight should come before he suits up for WVU for the first time. It would be a slight upset to see Williams in blue and gold under 200 pounds but the frame may be able to successfully carry more than that. Not only will it enhance his ability as a pass-catcher, but just as importantly his ability as a blocker to aid the run game or spring a fellow wideout.

While not the most explosive athlete, Williams projects as a strong floor wide receiver prospect with great production and easy-to-see physical traits and size on his side. As he improves the frame and increases functional strength, he should be able to factor into the Mountaineer wide receiver rotation at a reasonably early stage.

CB Tyrin Woodby (committed on 4/17/2021)

6'1", 175 lbs

Baltimore, MD - St. Frances Academy

Power 5 Offers: Boston College, Maryland, Ole Miss, Pitt, Virginia Tech, West Virginia.

Analysis: Throughout his high school career, Ty Woodby has done it all. He's been a key playmaker at wide receiver, an explosive returner on special teams, and a very solid corner. Woodby has quick hips and rarely lets his receivers get behind him in deep pass coverage. Extremely athletic, flies all over the field, and is not afraid to come downhill to stop the run game. Playing wide receiver has helped him on the defensive side by understanding tendencies of what the receiver may try to do when given inside leverage, outside leverage, press coverage, or cushion. Should be able to compete for playing time on special teams right away and could make an impact on the defensive side of the ball by year two considering the current lack of depth at the position.

OL Maurice Hamilton (committed on 6/7/2021)

6'4", 345 lbs

Cleveland, OH - Cleveland Heights HS

Power 5 Offers: Iowa State, Purdue, West Virginia.

Evaluation from SI All-American Recruiting Analyst John Garcia Jr.:

In true trench fashion, Hamilton is a big personality and a big prospect with true interior pedigree from the mental and physical standpoints. He wants to dominate and often does on Friday nights, ascending to Power 5 prospect status as a result of his junior tape in particular.

Listed at 6'4", 331 pounds, plenty of drive is expected on tape and Hamilton backs that assumption up. There is seemingly a desire to bury the opponent into the turf after every ball is snapped, a mentality that allows for big holes, instant leverage, and power through the second level. Hamilton works with a flat back off the line as a run blocker, despite the height, and wastes little time while initiating contact.

Yes, the weight will need to drop some before the effectiveness translates to the next level, but the motor and aggression pair well despite the gains to be made. Any college coach would rather dial a violent prospect like Hamilton back than have to ramp him up to strength at the point of attack. The desire to get to the assignment is evident throughout the tape, even as a wide and stout pass blocker. Hamilton will need much more reps and mechanical aid with his kick step and redirection ability, but there is always room for a mauler on the offensive interior. Tone-setters don't pick your program on a given day.

DB Mumu Bin-Wahad (committed on 6/16/2021)

6'0", 180 lbs

Loganville, GA - Grayson HS

Power 5 Offers: Arizona State, Arkansas, Boston College, Georgia Tech, Kansas, Louisville, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Mississippi State, Nebraska, Penn State, South Carolina, Syracuse, TCU, Virginia, Wake Forest, West Virginia.

Analysis: Bin-Wahad is a super athletic, super rangy corner that could evolve into a shutdown corner in the Big 12 at some point in his career. Play and route recognition is something that he excels at. He makes good jumps on routes to record a PBU or even an interception. Bin-Wahad is solid in press coverage and is a tough corner to get a completion on in man-to-man coverage. Anything down the field his way will be contested, which is why most teams have tried to dink and dunk their way down the field. However, Bin-Wahad is just as good underneath and can shed off blocks pretty effortlessly. He plays the game so smooth and already looks ready for the college level. Look for him to make an impact early on in his career.

QB Nicco Marchiol (committed on 6/21/2021)

6'2", 215 lbs

Chandler, AZ - Hamilton HS

Power 5 Offers: Arizona State, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Louisville, LSU, Michigan, Mississippi State, Nebraska, Ole Miss, Penn State, Rutgers, TCU, USC, Utah, Washington State, West Virginia.

Analysis: Marchiol does a good job of improvising when a play breaks down and makes big plays with his legs. He's very smooth in his throwing motion and has a good feel for dropping the ball over the receiver's shoulder, especially on fades in the back corner of the end zone. Not only does Marchiol have a strong and accurate arm but he knows when to let it rip and when to take what the defense is giving him. He's an excellent decision-maker that has great fluidity in the pocket and doesn't get overwhelmed by pressure. With Marchiol's skill set, he will be able to compete for the starting job early in his career.

DE Aric Burton (committed on 6/28/21)

6'5", 210 lbs

Bavaria, Germany - Clearwater Academy International

Power 5 Offers: Arizona State, Kansas, Minnesota, West Virginia.

Analysis: Burton has a pretty thin frame (6'5", 210 lbs) but has the measurables to be a successful player at the next level. The most important thing for Burton over the next couple of years is to continue adding muscle and learning how to play with the added weight. Burton takes advantage of his speed and athleticism to make plays all over the field. This upcoming season, he will be playing at Clearwater International Academy which will be quite the step up in competition for him. It'll be interesting to see how he sheds blocks and fights through double teams when they get thrown at him. Overall, he has the ability to develop into a multi-year starter at the BANDIT position in Jordan Lesley's defense.

DE Zion Young (committed on 6/28/21)

6'5", 240 lbs

Atlanta, GA - Westlake HS

Power 5 Offers: West Virginia.

Analysis: At roughly 6'5" 240-lbs, he already has the size to play at the next level. His strength immediately jumps off the film with the ability to keep offensive lineman at arm's length, then shed the block to make a play or can bull rush the edge and collapse the pocket. Some of his success can also be attributed to keeping his eyes in the backfield while shedding blocks. Additionally, Young can drop back into pass coverage, giving the versatility the coaching staff has made a priority since arriving in Morgantown.

CB Jacolby Spells

5'11", 170 lbs

Fort Lauderdale, FL - American Heritage HS

Power 5 Offers: Arizona State, Arkansas, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Louisville, LSU, Michigan State, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Penn State, Syracuse, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, Virginia.

Analysis: Spells is a very physical corner that plays aggressively and excels in press coverage. He tracks the ball exceptionally well and takes away any threat of the deep ball. West Virginia is getting a guy that can not just contribute early in his career but potentially even compete for the No. 3 spot in the cornerback room as soon as his true freshman season. Spells has all of the tools to develop into a star corner in the Big 12 Conference down the road. This is a huge get for Neal Brown and his coaching staff. The Mountaineers are certainly on pace to have one of the best recruiting classes in program history and landing Spells is a big part in that.

RB Justin Williams 

6'0", 200 lbs

Dallas, GA - East Paulding HS

Power 5 Offers: Arkansas, Duke, Kansas, Kansas State, Louisville, Michigan State, Minnesota, Missouri, NC State, Nebraska, Ole Miss, Pitt, Tennessee, USC, Vanderbilt, West Virginia.

Analysis: Williams has terrific speed and vision which is a deadly combination to have. He has enough patience and discipline to wait for a gap to open up but can also use his strength and quickness to overcome a mistake if need be. From a physical standpoint, Williams will be ready to play the day he steps onto campus. However, he does need to improve in pass protection and diagnosing where the pass rushers are coming from. This is something most high school running backs struggle with because they are typically not asked to do it a lot throughout the course of a season. Running backs coach Chad Scott will get that area of his game cleaned up and he will be able to put himself in the mix for some carries early in his career.

S Christion Stokes

6'0", 180 lbs

Harper Woods, MI - Harper Woods HS

Power 5 Offers: Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan State, Minnesota, Penn State, Syracuse, West Virginia

Analysis: Stokes is capable of playing any of the three safety spots at WVU (CAT, SPEAR, FS) and could even play corner if needed. He's excellent in press man coverage and uses those first five yards to get physical with the receiver. On downfield passes, Stokes likes to get a bit handsy but knows his limits and avoids defensive pass interference. Despite only being 6'0" tall and just around 200 lbs, Stokes looks very comfortable playing in the box which makes me think the SPEAR position could be a good fit for him.

OL Landen Livingston

6'5", 280 lbs

Leo, IN - Leo HS

Power 5 Offers: Arizona State, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan State, Minnesota, Purdue, West Virginia

Analysis: Livingston is super athletic and has great lateral movement. He moves extremely well for an offensive lineman which is a big reason why Leo HS tends to use him as a puller in the run game. He's able to get out of his stance over to the other side of the field and clear a path for his running backs. Pass protection doesn't seem to be much of an issue but he is clearly a fine-tuned run blocker. His film is full of driving defenders 8-10 yards down the field before burying them into the ground. He mainly lines up at right guard but also plays some right tackle as well. Having the athleticism he has, I would imagine WVU offensive line coach Matt Moore would like to have him out at tackle but having a right guard move like that is very rare which would make it tempting to stick him inside. Either way, Livingston should have a lot of success during his time at West Virginia. By 2024, I would expect him to be in the starting lineup or at least be competing for a spot. Very intriguing pick up here for Neal Brown and company.

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West Virginia Football Commits - Class of 2022

TE Corbin Page (committed on 12/26/20)

6'5", 255 lbs

Huntington, WV - Spring Valley HS

Power 5 Offers: Louisville, Oregon, Virginia, Virginia Tech, West Virginia.

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