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Bob Huggins at Big 12 Media Day

West Virginia head basketball coach Bob Huggins previewed the 2021-22 season at Big 12 Media Day.

Having Cincinnati in the Big 12 in the future

"It's a great place to go. It's a great town. Shoemaker Center is really a good place to play. They got a great fanbase, so I think they will certainly fit into what we have going here now. It's a basketball town. They're making it a football town now but it's a basketball town."

Adjusting to the Big 12 from the Big East

"Well, we came from the Big East where they didn't call any fouls. So when they started blowing the whistle calling fouls, we were all wondering what was going on. They didn't call anything in the Big East. I think Jamie [Dixon] went through the same thing. It was more basketball and less roller derby. I think that was the biggest thing."

Who will step up to fill the void of Derek Culver and Miles McBride

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"I wish I knew the answer to that. Losing Derek is a big hit for us because he got hard rebounds. He just didn't get rebounds, he got hard rebounds. I don't know that we have a replacement for that. You know, when I signed Deuce, I didn't know if he'd ever play. He had the bad ankle and they were saying that there was a pretty good chance that he would never play again and obviously he had a great career and he will continue to have a great career in the NBA. We don't get guys like that a lot. It's basically guys that have to work like crazy to be able to play in this league. I think we'll make shots. I don't know if we can guard anybody and keep them from making shots but we can make shots. We've got three or four guys that can surround the line and shoot it extremely well."

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