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Bob Huggins Discusses What Went Wrong in Loss to Kansas

WVU head coach Bob Huggins met with play-by-play man Tony Caridi on the radio broadcast to talk about Saturday's game.

RE: Poor offense or good defense from Kansas

"They played good defense but we've got into this habit of jogging through things. They put guys in that haven't played probably since they got to school here and they ran by us."

RE: Bad passing

"We pass the ball into people's feet? How do you do that? We threw the ball into a guy's feet that is guarding us. That's almost impossible."

RE: Struggles from key players

"Taz isn't 100% back from the COVID. Gabe wasn't Gabe today. Keddy wasn't Keddy. I'm not putting blame on them, I'm just talking reality and the reality is they've been sick."

RE: Kansas big David McCormack

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"I don't know what's been going on here but the guy is a first round pick. We put every big we had on him and he still scored the ball."

RE: 2nd half start

"We missed shots. We missed layups. We missed free throws. We got our head down and you don't want to get your head down against these guys."

RE: Biggest disappointment of today

"We quit competing."

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