ESPN Bracketology Summer Update

Schuyler Callihan

Another update to Joe Lunardi's bracketology was made on Wednesday, with the Mountaineers remaining as a three seed in the East Region, still facing Winthrop.

For a full look at the entire bracket, click here.

1. Villanova vs 16. Colgate

8. Arkansas vs 9. Richmond

5. Louisville vs 12. Loyola-Chicago

4. Ohio State vs 13. Yale

6. Michigan vs 11. Marquette/SMU

3. West Virginia vs 14. Winthrop

7. Rutgers vs 10. Arizona State

2. Duke vs 15. Siena 

This is a pretty tough region for the Mountaineers, even as experienced and deep as they are going to be in the frontcourt. Villanova is going to be an extremely tough out next year and could be a team that makes it to the Final Four. Duke is going to be a tough matchup, should West Virginia make it to the Sweet Sixteen, but you can really tell the strength of a region when Louisville is a No. 5 seed and Michigan is a No. 6 seed. 

To be quite honest, the way the matchups are projected here, it may be tough for Bob Huggins and co. to get past the second round.

What do you think of this projected region for West Virginia? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Comments (5)
No. 1-3

Trust the Huggs ! Bring em on and will take them down ! Espn is a Joke !!!


Whoever the other fifteen teams are will also have a rough out when they face WVU. Just win WVU.....


C'mon man. You REALLY think that's the way things are gonna shake out come March 2021?? Really?? Because espenis 'Bracketology Guru' says so? Puhleeeeeeease.
dook, l'hvul & meechigan have been chronically overrated for the last 10 years or so.
We EASILY cornholed THE ohio steaks last year. We've beaten nova before when they were HEAVILY favored. The rest? Meh.
I'mma stickin' with The WVU MOUNTAINEERS for the Dark Horse Natty team !! Ask Dickie V. I'mma thinkin' our inside-outside game will carry this team to The Top of The NCAA heap. #TrustTheHuggs