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LIVE GAME THREAD: West Virginia vs UConn

Get live updates as West Virginia takes on Connecticut.

Where: WVU Coliseum in Morgantown, WV

Tipoff: Approx. 7 p.m.


Stream: fuboTV

Listen: Mountaineer Sports Network from Learfield IMG College

West Virginia Starting 5

Kedrian Johnson 

Taz Sherman 

Sean McNeil

Jalen Bridges 

Isaiah Cottrell

UConn Starting 5

RJ Cole

Jordan Hawkins 

Andre Jackson 

Isaiah Whaley 

Akok Akok


McNeil jumper, WVU leads 2-0.

Jackson 1/2 free throws, WVU leads 2-1.

McNeil jumper, WVU leads 4-1.

Whaley two-pointer, WVU leads 4-3.

Cottrell two-pointer, WVU lead 6-3.

Jackson two-pointer, WVU leads 6-5.

Sherman three-pointer, WVU leads 9-5.

Jackson two-pointer, WVU leads 9-7.

Whaley two-pointer, game tied 9-9.

Whaley two-pointer + extra point, UConn leads 12-9.

Osabuohien 1/2 free throws, UConn leads 12-10.

McNeil three-pointer, WVU leads 13-12.

Jackson three-pointer, UConn leads 15-13.

Sherman three-pointer, WVU leads 16-15.

Gaffney dunk, UConn leads 17-16.

Sherman two-pointer, WVU leads 18-17.

Cole two-pointer, UConn leads 19-18.

McNeil mid-range jumper, WVU leads 20-19.

Gaffney two-pointer, UConn leads 21-20.

Cole jumper, UConn leads 23-0.

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Sherman three-pointer, game tied 23-23.

Osabuohien two-pointer, WVU leads 25-23.

Whaley two-pointer, game tied at 25.

McNeil three-pointer, WVU leads 28-25.

Akok dunk, WVU leads 28-27.

Sherman 2/2 free throws, WVU leads 30-27.

McNeil 1/2 free throws, WVU leads 31-27.

Polley 2/3 free throws, WVU leas 31-29.

Osabuohien 1/2 free throws, WVU leads 32-29.

WVU leads 32-29 at halftime.

Osabuohien two-pointer, WVU leads 34-29.

Cole two-pointer, WVU leads 34-31.

Cole two-pointer, WVU leads 34-33.

Sherman two-pointer, WVU leads 36-33.

Paulicap two-pointer, WVU leads 38-33.

Cole three-pointer, WVU leads 38-36.

Cole three-pointer, UConn leads 39-38.

Polley two-pointer, UConn leads 41-38.

Gaffney two-pointer, UConn leads 43-38.

Bridges three-pointer, UConn leads 43-41.

Whaley two-pointer, UConn leads 45-41.

Sherman jumper, UConn leads 45-43.

Whaley dunk, UConn leads 47-43.

Sherman two-pointer, UConn leads 47-45.

Paulicap two-pointer, game tied 47-47.

Sherman 1/2 free throws, WVU leads 48-47.

Jackson dunk, UConn leads 49-48.

Hawkins 2/3 free throws, UConn leads 51-48.

Sherman two-pointer, game tied 51-51.

Paulicap 1/2 free throws, WVU leads 52-51.

Sherman 1/2 free throws, WVU leads 53-51.

McNeil 2/2 free throws, WVU leads 55-51.

Whaley two-pointer, WVU leads 55-53.

McNeil 1/2 free throws, WVU leads 56-53.

WVU wins 56-53.

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