The Return of the Macke

Anthony G. Halkias

It was just around a month ago that freshman walk-on, Spencer Macke, sent the crowd into a frenzy, knocking down two free throws against Nicholls State.  

To the Mountaineer Maniacs surprise, that was just the beginning.  In a night where everything went right for the Mountaineers, Macke returned, hence the return of the Macke.  

Playing time for any walk-on is a rarity, but in a game where the the Mountaineers were destroying Texas, 94-56, Macke got his moment.  Prior to the Texas game, Macke was 0-5 from the field, but had scored two points from the free throw line.  Then, with just 40 seconds to go, Macke shot from behind the arc, getting blocked.  Jordan McCabe regained possession following the block and quickly passed the ball back to the freshman.  Un-fazed, Macke stepped up and drained the deep ball, sending the Mountaineer Maniacs into yet another frenzy.  

Macke fits the mold of the generic college walk-on, but by no means does his game.  He dominated for his high school team, averaging 37 points and 12 rebounds as a senior.  So, for Macke, the limelight isn't anything new.  

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the freshman favorite is how he endures the love from his teammates, coaches, social media and of course, the maniacs.  He can been seen, numerous times, pumping up the crowd with an extra large smile and a side of laughter.  That's exactly what makes the walk-on such an easy guy to root for. 

Maybe even more intriguing than how Macke handles the student section support, his teammates.  In every video, the sheer amount of joy from several of his Mountaineer teammates is evident.  The smiles on their faces can't be phony, this is real team chemistry.  From the starters to the last guy on the bench, the connection is impossible to glance over.  

As this season continues to progress, expect Macke to be getting more and more attention from the Maniacs during potential blowouts.  

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MACKE puts the M in TEAM !!! #HAILWV & GO MOUNTAINEERS ! SO stoked for March THIS year !!


Is SMACKE our NEW MOUNTAINEER MOJO ?? #HAILWV & GO MOUNTAINEERS !! SO great to see out young men have some FUN, especially after LAST year !!

John Pentol
John Pentol


Proud of his hard work, glad he got some PT