What Bob Huggins Said Following the Loss to Oklahoma State

WVU head coach Bob Huggins was extremely disappointed in how his team performed on Saturday.
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On the efficiency of the offense

"I don’t know how we scored 80 when our four guys who generally make shots don’t make shots. We can’t guard, and I’ve told you guys that. Then I get crucified for telling the truth. We can’t guard. We don’t guard. We try to play some matchups and try to camouflage the fact that we can’t guard. Everybody watches film like we do, so they work against the matchup. If somebody lets his man go, and they drive a straight line to the rim, we don’t have a shot blocker. We don’t have Sags (Sagaba Konate) back there. We don’t have Elijah (Macon) back there. (Senior forward) Gabe (Osabuohien) took charges. He took charges, so I’ll leave it at that."

On trying to keep Oklahoma State out of the paint

"They were just running it by us. They ball screened, but everyone in America ball screens. They didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. They were just better than us today."

On seniors Taz Sherman and Gabe Osabuohien

"Gabe’s been on the defensive end and been terrific for us. I think his offense has gotten better and better. On the defensive end, he’s been terrific. I don't know where we would be without him. Taz has had a terrific year. It’s a shame he's been dinged up and missed games. That happens."

On junior forward Derek Culver’s shooting struggles

"I think his alignment led to mental issues. When you miss that many, it affects you. It does affect you mentally. He missed them because of his alignment."

On defending inside shots

"Am I telling our guards to jump up and try to block a shot? No. I don’t want to give up 3’s. We’re supposed to help and recover. It’s hard to help straight-line drives. We don’t have a shot blocker. Why would you tell someone to foul somebody? Derek and Gabe are in foul trouble enough. We’re constantly trying to keep those guys on the floor, and they’re in foul trouble. We tried to place (freshman forward) Seny (N'diaye) in there. He’s a better shot blocker than either one of them. He didn’t block a shot either. He tried. We don’t have shot blockers. That’s a different game if Sags (Sagaba Konate) is in there, but Sags isn’t here. We don’t have shot blockers."

On experienced players in the postseason

"We didn’t do anything for two days because I thought they were tired. We had just played three games in five days. We did walkthroughs. We didn’t run up and down. We didn’t tax their legs at all. I just told them to take two days off and we’ll go back on Tuesday. Go back on Tuesday, and at least we’ll know who we’re playing and what to prepare for. I think we will by Tuesday."

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