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What Bob Huggins Said Following the Loss to Xavier

WVU head coach Bob Huggins spoke to the media about tonight's loss.

What happened in the 2nd half

"They made shots and we didn't. They made shots and they made their free throws. We missed out shots and we missed free throws."

Cleaning up turnovers

"We did a great job, didn't we? I don't know. I mean, we spent an enormous amount of time to try to fix it. Maybe just one dribble handoffs where they can just hand it off after passing it? I don't know. Hard for me to imagine."


"A lot of it was dribble penetration. We have a propensity to stand on the side of people and not get in front of them. When you do that and you're not in front of them, they straight line it to the goal. Everybody else has to help. A lot of it just comes from a lot of our guys just can't guard the ball."

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Guarding better

"It's a lot of want to. Both of those guys [Joe Toussaint and Kedrian Johnson], when they really want to, are pretty good with it. When you don't want to, you end up on the side."

Mo Wague not hedging

"Didn't seem like Mo was here tonight. Mo just didn't...Mo didn't have a very good day. I don't have any idea."

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