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MAILBAG: Chances of 10 Wins, Top 15 Recruiting Class, a Run at the CFP + More

Answering this week's questions from the fans.

From @JevonCarterszn

Will Neal get a pass with a .500 season with the recruiting class being so good? Do you think this recruiting class will help WVU make a playoff run?

Answer: I believe so. It may not be what WVU fans want to hear, but Shane Lyons has a lot of trust in Neal Brown. He knows that this wasn't a situation that would be back on its feet in three-four years. He's had to deal with the pandemic with hurt the progress of players AND recruiting. Plus, NIL and the transfer portal becoming a thing doesn't help either. 2023 is the year where expectations are going to be a bit higher.

From @WVUdrunkmtneer

Who’s the best player (any position) that the football team will face this year? In or out of conference.

Answer: Great question and it's tough to answer. There's a laundry list of guys to pick from but I'll go with Texas wide receiver Xavier Worthy. I could have gone with his teammate, RB Bijan Robinson, but I think WVU has the horses in the front seven to be able to limit his damage. Worthy is going to be a matchup nightmare for WVU, especially when you take into account how young the cornerback room is. He lit up the Big 12 as a true freshman and is considered, by some, as one of the best receivers in college football.

From @2chaw_

What are the chances we finish this recruiting cycle with a consensus top 10-15 recruiting class? Do you think we have the potential moving forward to land a bigger QB recruit with more star power than Nicco with Graham at OC?

Answer: Highly doubtful it finishes top ten and maybe not even top 15. When it's all said and done, I think they'll finish somewhere between 20-23. There are a lot of big-time programs that can afford to be choosy, and thus don't have a large number of verbal commitments at the moment. 

As far as the quarterback question, I believe so. That said, it all depends on how well JT Daniels and Nicco perform in the offense too. 

From @i_hate_pitt

Is there a chance we win 10 games?

Answer: I don't want to be too overly pessimistic but this team has no chance of winning ten games. The ability to do so may be over with by the first week of October if I'm being honest. Seven is a realistic number, eight is their ceiling. 

From @Michiganeer

Who are the next 3 most likely verbal commits?

Answer: Hard to tell. We might see a little bit of a dry spell in commitments, but a few names to keep an eye on are WR Elijah Caldwell, WR Justin Brown, and DB Jayden Sheppard. Make sure to check the WVU Football Recruiting Hot Board for commitment predictions.

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From @NotABallMan

If they don’t expand the CFP, will HCNB ever take us to it?

Answer: It would be really tough with the future of the Big 12, but potentially. They may have a run every four or five years of getting close, but I don't foresee them doing it consistently, regardless of the coach. 

From @JennyfromtheWV

Do you think we get anyone else from the portal for this upcoming season?

Answer: Without a doubt. They still have a couple of spots available (if I did my math right). Not entirely sure as to which positions they would like to add to but you can never have enough depth on the offensive and defensive lines. Maybe they look at linebacker too. 

From @CodeCoffee420

Class of 2023 football. Are you expecting we get a couple more 4-star commits?

Answer: If I'm being completely honest with you, I don't know what many of these kids are ranked because we don't use a star-rating system at SI All-American. However, I have a good idea of which probably are in that four-star range. Getting two more is certainly obtainable.

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