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MAILBAG: Dixon's Transfer, What's Up with Josiah Davis + More

Answering this week's questions from the fans.

From @lafferty_nick:

How does the departure of the kid from Clemson affect the RB rotation? Will HCNB pull a red shirt to replace him or just more snaps for someone else?

Answer: I wouldn't be all that surprised to see Brown go out and get another back from the portal, but it's not a big deal if they don't. Justin Johnson Jr. will be ready to step up into that RB2 role and Jaylen Anderson will have to get caught up to speed so that he can give Mathis and Johnson a spell from time to time. Those are the only three scholarship backs on roster at the moment, but walk-on Markquan Rucker had a solid spring camp and the coaching staff is becoming more comfortable with him actually getting touches, if it comes to that. 

From @couz206:

What’s the latest on in-state football recruit, Mari Lawton?

Answer: He's getting a ton of interest from Navy and some love from Ohio as well. West Virginia hasn't shown nearly as much interest since they were able to land Eamon Smalls, Cameron Jackson, Justin Benton, and Corey McIntyre Jr. You can never have enough bodies on the defensive line, but I would be surprised if they took another in this recruiting class.

From @roansycy_young:

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Do you think we’ll ever get another 5-star or will Huggs stay away? Last time we got one it didn’t go exactly as planned. Will he opt to continue to bring in 3 stars that better fit what he’s trying to do?

Answer: It's possible. I don't think the stars matter to Huggins. What I mean by that is, he's not going to be completely turned away from five star recruits because of what happened with Oscar Tshiebwe. Hell, he's had more two and three stars that have given him trouble throughout the years and he still goes after them. It all comes down to the player's attitude and how he takes to coaching. If he is coachable and doesn't bring drama, Huggins will go after him.

From @KuzULuz:

What the heck is going on with Josiah Davis?

Answer: Haven't heard anything new on that front just yet. I reached out to Josiah shortly after you sent in the question and still haven't heard back. If he gets back to me, I'll have something up on it immediately. I would still guess that prep school is going to be where he lands.

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