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2XKO'd: The Internet Reacts to Riot's Name Reveal for Project L

When Riot revealed 2XKO, the name for Project L, its new fighting game based in the world of League of Legend, the gaming community seemed split.

2XKO Riot's Fighting Game, Formerly Project L, set in League of Legends, Internet Reacts

  • Formerly Project L, Riot's fighting game is officially named 2XKO.
  • Many gamers on Twitter questioned how it was pronounced, with the official 2XKO account claiming, "How it's spelled."
  • Reactions were mixed with numerous accounts asking if they let Elon Musk name the game.

Riot Games has revealed the title of their fighting game set in the League of Legends universe, 2XKO. A simple branding that gets to the heart of the game, you need 2 knockouts to win, just in case any players new to the genre might be confused. And confused is exactly what half the reactions to the name of the game is. Though, there may also be some wisdom in naming 2XKO which various Twitter users have pointed out amidst everyone else making memes and throwing shade.

The biggest confusion was in how the game name should be spelled, but the official account was quick to clear that up.
There is some wisdom in following previously established naming conventions in the FGC.
The official account did say it is pronounced how it is spelled.
This is the best reply and its exactly how you should be pronouncing it.
The official pronunciation of 2XKO.
It probably didn't go down like this...right?
It's not the worst fighting game title.
Some people will come around to it eventually.
Treating the game like a new game instead of part of an established IP is smart.
The gamers may be on to something here.
Will not having League of Legends in the title open the door for more players to try out the game?
Perhaps 2XKO is follow in the footsteps of the great ones.
Not everyone is happy with the name, 2XKO.