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ALGS 2023 Results: TSM Crowned Apex Legends Global Series Champions

With a three back-to-back wins in the final match points series of the ALGS Championships, ImperialHal and TSM are crowned champions of the Apex Legends Global Series.
  • ImperialHal & TSM won three back-to-back matches to secure their win as the Year 3 ALGS Champions.
  • This is the first time that TSM has won a Championship tournament in the Apex Legends Global series, though they also won the Split 1 Playoffs earlier this year in February.
  • TSM’s winning team composition for the ALGS Championship included Catalyst (Verhuslt), Horizon (ImperialHal) and Fuse (Reps).

Year 3 of the Apex Legends Global Series comes to a close with TSM being crowned the champions. Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen, Jordan “Reps” Wolfe and Evan “Verhulst” Verhulst have been playing together under the TSM banner since December 2021 (even longer between Reps and Hal). While they took home the win at the ALGS 2023 Split 1 Playoffs, this was their first ALGS Championship win.

TSM, ALGS Champions

This year's Apex Legends Global Series Championship was filled with surprises and the road to victory wasn’t an easy one for any of the 40 teams from around the world. Prior to the event, most people put two teams at the top of their predictions to win it all; TSM and DarkZero Esports.

Despite both of these making it into the first winner’s brackets, DarkZero Esports missed out on the finals by one point and would be eliminated in round 2 of the loser’s bracket. TSM, managed to get a win with 9 kills in the last round of the winner’s bracket securing their spot in the finals.

Despite an amazing performance at the Split 2 Playoffs when TSM hit Match Point on the third match, the Championship series was more of an uphill battle for the team. TSM was the sixth team to reach match point and it wasn’t until the 7th match of the series that they secured it.

An Apex Hat Trick

As Hal and the TSM Squad took home the first-place prize of $600,000 and secured TSM’s legacy, the most impressive thing about their run was the finish. In a battle royale the number of variables that go into determining a winner is innumerable. And while multiple wins aren’t uncommon in the ALGS, winning three matches in a row is an incredible feat.

But TSM was able to do just that, with the last three matches all going to them. In match 6 it came down to TSM and LG Chivas, who were already on match point. A loss to LG Chivas would’ve sent everyone home, so TSM had to clutch up if they wanted to keep their dreams alive. With this win, they put themselves within reach of match point in the next game.

Up until this game, TSM was struggling to find success in the lobbies, having gone out at 17th, 10th, 20th, 6th and 9th place in the previous matches. The few kills they secured weren’t enough to put them close to where they needed to be, but the win over LG Chivas was the fire they needed to switch gears.

In match 7 the final battle came down to TSM and streamer legend iiTzTimmy and his team The Dojo. In this match The Dojo had secured 15 kills across the lobby and would’ve been a huge win for the popular streamer whose team was also seeking their match point status. But TSM came out on top, putting both teams on match point for the next game.

The Dojo and TSM would meet again in match eight of the ALGS championship, but TSM would triumph over them, go on to eliminate Blackhvnd and hold the most advantageous spot in the final circle.

The last fight of the 2022-2023 ALGS season came down to TSM versus Start A Fight Esports and ImperialHal, Reps and Verhulst triumphed, earning their status as true AGLS Champions.