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iitzTimmy Wins Last Chance Qualifiers for ALGS Championship

Famous Apex Legends streamer iiTzTimmy and his squad, the Dojo qualified for the end of season Championship for the ALGS.

iiTzTimmy and Squad Take First in ALGS Last Chance Qualifiers for Championship

  • iiTzTimmy and The Dojo squad won three of the eight games in the winner’s bracket of the ALGS North American Last Chance Qualifiers.
  • They beat out fan-favorite FURIA, formerly HisWattson’s team.
  • The Dojo took first place and earned their spot in the Apex Legends Global Series Championship LAN later this year.

If your favorite Apex Legends player didn’t make the Apex Legends Global Series, they missed their chance for the 2023 Championship. The Last Chance Qualifiers took place over the weekend and none other than legendary streamer, iiTzTimmy and his squad took first place, earning them a spot in the Championship game.

iiTzTimmy Qualifies for ALGS Championship LAN

iiTzTimmy announced his return to professional Apex Legends back in March as the Split 2 Pro League was starting up. His original foray into the professional scene when he was just starting out as a streamer was stressful and caused some issues in his personal life as well as with his mental state.

But since putting together The Dojo alongside Tyler “Dezignful” Gardner, and Alexander “Enemy” Rodriguez, they’ve proven they at least have what it takes to roll through the Split 2 Playoffs losers bracket.

Earning a spot going into the Championships is a big deal no matter which way you look at. Coming together as a squad only 4 months prior and squeaking your way in through Last Chance Qualifiers, even over a team like FURIA is no small feat.

Does iiTzTimmy have what it takes to Win the ALGS?

The real question is whether or not The Dojo have what it takes to win the Championship against the biggest names in Apex Esports. The short answer is probably not. But the real answer is much more complicated than that.

IiTzTimmy is an extraordinarily gifted mechanical player, but so is everyone who is vying for the top spot in the ALGS Championship. What wins games like this in esports isn’t just mechanical acuity, but teamwork and trust.

The Dojo is a young team that has shown a lot of promise and their chances of performing well at the Championship is up in the air. At the LCQ, they had nothing to lose and everything to gain. But eyes will be on them at the ALGS Championship along with a lot more pressure and expectations, the same thing that gave iiTzTimmy problems the first time he tried to enter into the professional Apex Legends space.

Regardless of their performance later this year in the culmination of the ALGS, if this team stays together and continues to build and improve, they will be a force to be reckoned with going into the 2024 ALGS season.