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Apex Legend Devs Respond to Steam Config Cheating

Apex Legends Developers finally break silence on Steam Controller Config cheating and are working on solutions to solve the problem.

Apex Legends Cheating, Steam Controller Config, Hacks

  • On January 28th a video made its way around Twitter of several Steam Controller Configs negating recoil and automating several movement techniques.
  • Many pros and streamers including TSM Reps, LG Shiv, and Faide expressed their concerns and feelings over Controller Configs constituting cheating.
  • Respawn posted on January 31st that some changes would be coming to improve Apex Legends’ competitive integrity.

Apex Legends, like most competitive games, is no stranger to cheaters, hackers, and those looking to exploit that system for their fun and gain. One of the issues that has been plaguing Apex Legends most recently is the prevalence of Steam Controller Configs. As recently as January 28th, a video has made the rounds on Twitter showing how Steam Controller Configs can remove weapon recoil and automate movement techniques that take months to master.

As TSM Reps explained it, “This is why you run into Thanos in ranked randomly.”

Apex Devs Respond to Controller Config Hacking

It seems not all is lost and the Respawn developers behind Apex Legends have been listening and are finally about to do something to stop the cheating. On January 31st, the Respawn Twitter account posted the following message.

The full message on Twitter reads:

Heads up, legends. We've been rolling out some changes to @PlayApex to better protect the game's competitive integrity.

We are making changes to remove automated strafing on a controller and will also be making changes to prevent the chaining of cfg files via the +exec command during game time. In other words, we are disabling the ability to use some configs that would allow for a greater range of movement than is usually possible within the game.

We want to be clear: the use of third-party tools, hardware, firmware, or software that automates game mechanics for a competitive edge over other Apex players is considered cheating and is unacceptable. As such, we will continue to evaluate potential exploits and take further action as needed. -Official Respawn Twitter Account

Up until this point, players using Steam Controller Configs seem to be a problem that Respawn and Apex Legends just ignored. Using these configs in competitive tournaments like the ALGS has always been illegal, so why it has taken so long to deploy measures against them in the game is currently unknown.

Design Director of Apex Legends, Evan Nickolich said on Media Day, "We are actively working on solutions for those and fixes will be deployed over the coming weeks. We fully recognize that it’s not the way the game is supposed to be played nor do we want the game to be played that way. We don't want those config files to be exploited for a gameplay advantage on Steam.”

The comments are filled with positive responses from the Apex Legends community, with ImperialHal, chiming in as the top comment saying, “This is just the start of a new beginning for Apex let’s go <3.”

ImperialHal approves of the recent comments made by Respawn on Twitter promising to find solutions for those abusing Steam Controller Configs in Apex Legends.

ImperialHal shows support for Respawn's latest promise to tackle the Controller Config cheaters.