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Apex Legends Pros React to Insane Cheat Configs

A recent video has Professional and Casual Apex Legends players alike calling for Respawn Devs to do something about Controller Config cheating and hacks.

Apex Legends Cheater Problems, Pro Players React to Steam Config Hacks

  • Apex Legends Pros and players are calling for the removal or banning of players who use Steam Controller Configs.
  • Steam Controller Configs allows players to input complex button configurations at the press of a single button while using controllers on Steam.
  • Controller Configs are considered illegal in official Apex Legends competitions but are otherwise ignored in ranked and casual gameplay.

Over the weekend a YouTube Apex Legends content creator by the name of Treeree showed off a video of someone who had created a Steam Config that could explain Apex Legends' rampant cheater problem. If you’ve ever encountered suspected cheaters or hackers in Apex Legends who have no recoil, perfect aim, and can perform perfect movement tech on a dime, this could be why.

What is a Steam Config?

The Steam Controller Configurator was originally designed to support the Steam Controller and was eventually fully integrated into Steam’s Big Picture mode. Now, the Steam Controller Configurator is an all-purpose controller manager that allows players to configure controller bindings and other universal settings, allowing them to execute complex button configurations at the press of a single controller button.

In the clip, the creator shows off several maneuvers that take normal players months to practice and years to master such as recoil control, neostrafing, super gliding, and more.

This video has some of the top Apex Legends pros in the comments complaining about why cheating is so prevalent in Apex Legends. While this looks like and should be a clear case of cheating or hacking, it’s not quite so clear-cut for EA and Respawn as far as Apex Legends is concerned.

Are Controller Configs Cheating or Hacking in Apex?

Controller Configs aren’t allowed in official tournaments, but players who use them in ranked or casual play aren’t at risk of the ban hammer either. This isn’t the first time the great Controller Config debate has come up.

TSM ImperialHal said in September of 2022, via Twitter, that Steam Config bings on the controller are cheating in Apex.

TSM ImperialHal complains that Controller Configs on Steam is cheating back in 2022.

TSM ImperialHal complains that Controller Configs on Steam is cheating back in 2022.

Other pros have been weighing in on the recent video, with TSM Reps saying, “This is why you run into Thanos in ranked randomly.”

LG Shiv responded with, “What in the ---- is this?!” followed by Faide, considered to be one of the most mechanically gifted movement players in the history of Apex Legends simply stating, “Demotivating.”

Apex Legends streamer Scrappy chimed in to say, “Time to abolish steam configs now. I was a proponent of controller tap strafing, but it has become legitimate cheats now.” Scrappy referred to a time when the Respawn Devs were debating removing the ability to config, which allows controller players to tap strafe, a movement technique you can perform on mouse and keyboard with a lot of skill and practice, but would otherwise be impossible on controller without configs.