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Respawn Entertainment’s vibrant shooter has been getting a lot of negative criticism from streamers, pros, and casual players alike thanks to the new meta, the large amount of cheaters, and ongoing bugs that developers haven’t addressed. And one of the most vocal has been ImperialHal, a competitive player for TSM.

For the past few months, ImperialHal has been very vocal about his disdain for Apex Legends — the very game that put him on the map. On social media, ImperialHal has ranted about the game’s meta, which has been heavily focused on positioning in Season 16. He then ranted about fellow pro players coming out of retirement.

ImperialHal’s clear frustration with the game has led to a poor performance at the Apex Legends Global Series. Now, ImperialHal has finally had enough.

Why is ImperialHal Leaving Apex Legends?

On Twitter, ImperialHal announced that he is planning to distance himself from Apex Legends after a stream.

“I will be playing very little Apex going forward. I think I’m at an all-time low with my mental with having to deal with the state of Apex plus performance is not helping either. I hope you guys understand,” he tweeted.

Earlier that day, ImperialHal spent a lot of time arguing with teammates while streaming some Realm matches. A clip of him yelling at his teammates was shared on Twitter, leading him to respond that he’s “so done” with these “m—f—.”

“Nobody listens to me, man!” he could be heard yelling during the stream. “Jesus f—ing Christ! I’m so done with these f—ing kids, man. Is it really that hard?”

It’s clear from the clip that ImperialHal was not having a fun time playing high-level Apex Legends. It’s no surprise that the long-time player wants to take a break at this point.

His fans and other players responded with support for ImperialHal’s decision. Some even responded that it should be a “wake up call” for Respawn Entertainment, hoping that developers would realize that the game needs some improving going forward.

Is ImperialHal Retiring From Pro Apex Legends?

As far as we know, no.

ImperialHal didn’t use the term “retirement” in his tweets and will still be playing the game going forward. It just doesn't seem like he will be playing the game as often, at least for now.

The state of the game has been too frustrating for the popular player and the gaming community is hoping Respawn Entertainment takes notice.

Meanwhile, ImperialHal will be focusing on his mental health in hopes of coming back stronger than ever.