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Loba's Prestige Skin Leak & Uprising Collection Event Rumors

Loba is set to receive the next Prestige Skin with the Apex Lycanthrope design coming in the Uprising Collection Event on December 5th.

Loba’s Prestige Skin coming in Apex Legends Season 19 with the Uprising Collection Event

  • Loba’s Prestige Skin the Apex Lycanthrope will be the next Heirloom level cosmetic to hit Apex Legends in the Uprising Collection Event.
  • The Uprising Collection Event will be arriving on December 5th and will be the first of Apex Legends Season 19.
  • The Event is also rumored to include an LTM mode inspired by Kill Code Part 4 known as Revenant’s Army.

The first collection event of Season 19 of Apex Legends should be getting an official announcement soon and it’ll bring with it Loba’s Prestige skin. The collection event, named Uprising, should also have a brand new Limited-Time Mode with it codenamed Rev Army. Here’s all the leaks and rumors we know about the Uprising Collection Event coming to Apex Legends on December 5th.

Loba’s Prestige Skin

Following the Season 18 Revenant Prestige Skin, Apex Nightmare, Loba is getting her own Prestige Skin in the Uprising Collection Event. Named Apex Lycanthrope, the Prestige Skin has three stages that gradually adds more armor to her Titan Pilot-like suit that resembles a white wolf.

Her finisher features claws on her skin that she uses to tear and shred into opponents and her dive trail is a glowing, blue pattern with a helix-like design. It seems that the Apex Legends developers at Respawn are trying to bank on the popularity of the recent Kill Code narrative with the Revenant and Loba Prestige skins coming back to back.

The Uprising Event will also include 24 unique and limited-time cosmetics for players to buy and collect in order to unlock the Loba Prestige Skin.

Loba's Prestige Skin from Apex Legends.

Loba's Prestige skin, the Apex Lycanthrope in Apex Legends.

Limited-Time Mode: Rev Army

Very little has been confirmed about this limited-time mode, but the recent Kill Code Part 4 trailer really gives a lot of credit to the leaks and rumors reported so far.

The Reve Army limited time mode is rumored to put players on one of two teams, the team of the Legends and the team of the Revenant Army. The goal of the game mode is for the Legends to find an evacuation point and the Revenant Army to stop them at all costs.

If a Legend dies, they can be respawned by their team and respawn used respawn beacons will be put on a cooldown and can be used multiple times. But if a team is completely wiped out, they then join the Revenant army.

Kill Code Part 4

In the most recent narrative cinematic from Apex Legends, Kill Code Part 4, this limited-time mode is all but confirmed in the ending. Loba, Revenant and the other Legends confront Duardo Silva to take back Revenant’s head and give Loba the chance to finally kill him.

But Duardo reveals that with the head Revenant can finally have control of his own life as well as an entire army of Revenant copies that he now controls. Revenant, who has only ever wanted to finally die, reveals that his true wish was to simply control his own destiny. With the upgrades Silva has provided for him, he can finally do that.

He sets his new army upon the Legends who run for their lives from the swarm of Simulacrum to a drop ship to escape, barely doing so with their lives.

The ending of this cinematic perfectly sets up the LTM for the Uprising Collection Event.

The End of Loba and Revenant’s Story

Kill Code Part 4 may be the finale to the saga, but it’s not the end of the story. Now that Revenant has unprecedented power in the Apex games, he must be stopped. There have also been rumors and leaks of another in-game event similar to Kill Code: A Thief’s Bane.

When the Uprising Collection Event launches in Apex Legends, expect some kind of story to unfold throughout the course of the event that brings Revenant and Loba to their inevitable conclusion.

Thordan Smash, a popular Apex Legends content creator, has shown leaked files that show a final confrontation between Loba and Revenant, both of them in their Prestige Skins.

Players will know soon enough as the Uprising Collection Event for Apex Legends should launch on December 5th.