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Apex Legends Skins: Most Popular and Rarest Cosmetics

How many skins are in Apex Legends? Here's a Legend-by-Legend breakdown with the most rarest, most popular and least used cosmetics in the game.
  • The Legend with the most skins in the game is Wraith, with 99 according to
  • Despite multiple prestige skins being released, only Loba and Valkyrie's top their respective skins charts.
  • Conduit has the fewest number of skins in the game and also the most popular skin with Prism Powered.

In competitive games like Apex Legends there are two ways to show off to other players, your skill and your cosmetic skin game. While you can’t always be on top of the leaderboards, you can always make sure your character is decked out in the rarest and most prestigious skins in the game.

With Apex Legends nearing its fifth anniversary event, here’s a look at the numbers behind the cosmetic skins in the game. Just how many are there and what are the rarest and most used skins for each Legend?

Wraith as Tifa Lockheart, Crypto as Cloud Strife and Horizon as Aerith Gainsborough in Apex Legends x Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Crossover Event.

Wraith as Tifa Lockheart, Crypto as Cloud Strife and Horizon as Aerith Gainsborough in Apex Legends x Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Crossover Event.

Apex Legends Total Cosmetic Count

There isn’t any official way to figure out exactly how many skins are in Apex Legends. Whenever new ones comes out, unless you buy them in-game they won’t show up under your Legends screen.

So the next best thing we have is which tracks some of the cosmetic usage in-game. According to their tracking, there are at least 1,040 different skins. According to the website this is based on data from players who have been active in Apex Legends in the last 2 weeks, is based on their selected cosmetics and is pulling from 17M+ players.

From this data, we know that the most popular skin being used right now is Prism Powered for the newest Legend to join the games, Conduit, with 2.085% of players using it. The least popular skin overall is Bangalore’s Air Raid, with a percentage of players less than 1% using it.

Valkyrie's Mythic rarity Prestige Skin, the Apex Interceptor. Available from the Apex Legends Neon Network Collection Event.

Valkyrie's Apex Interceptor Mythic Skin.

According to, what are the most popular skins based on each Legend and what are the least popular or rarest skins to see in-game? Default skins are excluded, of course.

  • Conduit
    • Popular: Epic ‘Prism Powered’ 30.6%
    • Least Used: Common ‘Yellowjacket’ .062%
  • Catalyst
    • Popular: Legendary ‘Blood Moon’ 27.64%
    • Least Used: Common ‘Yellowjacket’ .081%
  • Vantage
    • Popular: Epic ‘Stalker’ 19.6%
    • Least Used: Common ‘Yellowjacket’ .09%
  • Ballistic
    • Popular: Epic ‘Technomancer’ 18.6%
    • Least Used: Common ‘Limelight’ .112%
  • Rampart
    • Popular: Legendary ‘Sly Sovereign’ 16.2%
    • Least Used: Epic ‘Vacation Vibes’ .029%
  • Loba
  • Pathfinder
    • Popular: Legendary “Pathogen’ 13.3%
    • Least Used: Rare ‘Score Secured’ .007%
  • Crypto
    • Popular: Legendary ‘The Hired Gun’ 13.25%
    • Least Used: Rare ‘Arctic Plate’ .047%
  • Fuse
    • Popular: Legendary ‘Broseidon’ 13.1%
    • Least Used: Legendary ‘Artillery Armsman’ .044%
  • Revenant
    • Popular: Legendary ‘Revelations’ 13%
    • Least Used: Rare ‘Tide Pool’ .014%
  • Newcastle
    • Popular: Epic ‘Gold Guard’ 12.9%
    • Least Used: Rare ‘Golden Guard’ .021%
  • Horizon
    • Popular: Legendary ‘Dark Matter’ 11.5%
    • Least Used: Rare ‘Porcelain Powered’ .027%
  • Ash
    • Popular: Legendary ‘Fallen Angel’ 11.2%
    • Least Used: Rare ‘Endless Labyrinth’ .025%
  • Caustic
    • Popular: Legendary ‘Blackheart’ 10.92%
    • Least Used: Rare ‘Chemical Compound’ .005%
  • Seer
    • Popular: Legendary ‘Aces High’ 10.9%
    • Least Used: Rare ‘Curtain Call’ .1%
  • Gibraltar
    • Popular: Legendary ‘Brudda Bear’ 9.96%
    • Least Used: Rare ‘Natural Selection’ .019%
  • Octane
    • Popular: Legendary ‘Sea Legs’ 8.44%
    • Least Used: Rare ‘Abstract Splash’ .006%
  • Valkyrie
    • Popular: Mythic ‘Apex Interceptor’ 8.4%
    • Least Used: Rare ‘Crimson Hawk’ .034%
  • Lifeline
    • Popular: Legendary ‘My Wave’ 8.04%
    • Least Used: Rare ‘Tide Pool’ .022%
  • Wattson
    • Popular: Legendary ‘Thunder Kitty’ 8.03%
    • Least Used: Rare ‘Exo-Weave’ .024%
  • Bloodhound
    • Popular: Epic ‘Lifeblood’ 7.72%
    • Least Used: Rare ‘Bejeweled’ .024%
  • Wraith
    • Popular: Legendary ‘The Liberator’ 7.47%
    • Least Used: Rare ‘Energy Transfer’ .003%
  • Mirage
    • Popular: Legendary ‘Marked Man’ 7.29%
    • Least Used: Rare ‘Holo Man’ .018%
  • Bangalore
    • Popular: Legendary ‘Viceroy’ 6.11%
    • Least Used: Epic ‘Air Raid’ .001%
  • Mad Maggie
    • Popular: Epic ‘Lava Queen’ 6.1%
    • Least Used: Common ‘Limelight’ .05%

Which Legend has the Most Skins?

Some of the characters in Apex Legends have a leg up on this statistic since they've been around longer than others. It should be no surprise which of them comes in at number one, but it may shock some players to see that some of the more popular Legends don't necessarily have the most skins in the game. Here are the Apex Legends and roughly the number of skins they have in the game.

  • Wraith (99 Skins)
  • Octane (97 Skins)
  • Bloodhound (91 Skins)
  • Pathfinder (91 Skins)
  • Bangalore (86 Skins)
  • Lifeline (86 Skins)
  • Caustic (85 Skins)
  • Mirage (85 Skins)
  • Gibraltar (84 Skins)
  • Loba (81 Skins)
  • Wattson (80 Skins)
  • Revenant (78 Skins)
  • Crypto (77 Skins)
  • Valkyrie (73 Skins)
  • Fuse (72 Skins)
  • Horizon (71 Skins)
  • Rampart (70 Skins)
  • Ash (64 Skins)
  • Seer (62 Skins)
  • Newcastle (54 Skins)
  • Vantage (50 Skins)
  • Mad Maggie (48 Skins)
  • Catalyst (48 Skins)
  • Ballistic (45 Skins)
  • Conduit (42 Skins)