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Understanding how to play and how others play Seer in Apex Legends is integral to dominating in the battle royale. This guide will help you take your Seer gameplay to the next level. Learn how to use Seer’s ability to its fullest and be a major addition to your squad in Apex Legends.

Who is Seer in Apex Legends?

Seer, also known as Obi Edolasim, is a Recon Legend added in Season 10 of Apex Legends. On the night Seer was born, a meteor struck the moon of his planet. A bad omen was coincidentally labeled, had his people labeled him as a cursed child. He grew up a true creative and an artist and sought to express himself through battle in the arenas.

As he grew in popularity, it was the others like him that were drawn to his performances. The downtrodden, the shunned and those that society would rather forget became Seer’s biggest supporters. But there were still those who loathed him and blamed him for the destruction and further deterioration of his homeworld's moon.

Seer sought to bring the Apex Games to his homeworld and made a deal with Silva Pharmaceuticals and the Syndicate in order to do so. The Apex Games would bring jobs, money and opportunity to his world. But instead, the games went to the Broken Moon, further hurting it and the people there. The people of Seer’s world blamed him despite his good intentions.

Seer Tactics & Abilities

Seer is a Recon Legend and his strengths lie in giving his squad information to support their decisions about when and how to take fights. You never want to be the first one in your squad to go down in a fight because you’re at your most valuable when you’re up and giving more information to your teammates about the enemy squads in your area. Follow our abilities guide below to learn how to best utilize them for your team's success in Apex Legends.

Seer Class Passive: Recon

As a Recon Class character, Seer can access Recon Beacons to reveal the location of nearby enemies. This can be a risky ability to utilize, though, because when you reveal your enemy's location, it will ping you on the map to anyone you reveal, warning them of your location as well.

Use these Recon Beacons at your own risk when you either need vital information on where teams are or when you aren’t sure where the best place to rotate is. Once you’ve got the information, leave quickly so if any nearby teams come to take a fight with you, they won’t get the drop on you. It’s also important to remember that once you use a Recon Beacon, you cannot use it again for the rest of the game, even if it’s still in the next ring.

Seer Passive Ability: Heart Seeker

Heart Seeker is Seer’s most powerful ability, and that’s saying something because his entire kit is extremely useful. When you aim down sights (with or without a weapon), Seer can hear and visualize the heartbeats of his enemies. This will show up on your screen as small orange spikes if an enemy is within your view. The orange pulsating spike shows you the direction the enemy is in and if the entire thing pulses orange, you are centered on them.

The range of this passive ability is 75 meters and 55 degrees in front of Seer, but there is a small delay when you first aim down sights to bring it up. If an enemy is within the range of the Heart Seeker, but you’re not centered on them, it’ll turn slightly blue to let you know they are near.

As Seer, you should constantly be checking your Heart Seeker for enemies, both ahead of you and around you. A Seer should never be caught unaware by another team sneaking up on you and you should always check buildings to make sure they’re clear before entering. You can also use this ability to tell if an enemy is at full health or not. The lower their health, the faster their heartbeats, though it does not take shields into account.

Whenever you finish a team fight, you should immediately be checking your Heart Seeker to see if another team is sneaking up to try and third-party you.

Seer Tactical Ability: Focus of Attention

Focus of Attention is a vital ability for winning team fights, but a lot of players use it incorrectly. When used, it creates a cylindrical area of effect that is 75 meters long and 8 meters in diameter. After 1.4 seconds, it will hit all enemies within the cylinder. If an enemy is caught inside, it will interrupt any ability or item they’re trying to use (reviving, shields, meds, etc.) applies a 1.25 second silence effect, preventing them from using Legend abilities, and it will reveal their health bars for 8 seconds. Focus of Attention has a 30-second cooldown.

Because this ability can show you where enemies are, there are a lot of players who use it, like Bloodhound’s scan ability. When they’re in fights or near enemies, they’ll hit it immediately to show where the enemies are. But you can already see where they are with your ability, Heart Seeker. So use that information to let your team know where to look.

Focus of Attention is very easy to dodge if you’re on the move and know you’re fighting a Seer. When you should be using it, it is when you’ve cracked an enemy's shield or you’ve forced them to fall back and heal or try to revive. That’s when it’s best utilized to cancel the revive or healing item and show your teammates where this vulnerable enemy player is.

A few important tips and unique interactions to keep in mind if you’re playing Seer. This ability does not cancel a Lifeline revive since it’s not her doing the reviving but the drone. Mirage can also be a bother for Seer Mains because this does not differentiate from his clones. Finally, Focus of Attention will not reveal or cancel Crypto if he’s controlling his drone.

Seer Ultimate Ability: Exhibit

Seer uses Exhibit on foes in Apex Legends

Seer uses ultimate ability

Exhibit, Seer’s Ultimate Ability is powerful but comes with its own set of risks. It takes 3 minutes to charge and, when used, lasts for a duration of 25 seconds. When thrown down, it creates a 65-meter sphere and any enemies inside who are walking, sprinting or firing weapons will be tracked with a marker. If someone is stationary, crouching or in the air, they will not be marked. The device can also be destroyed, so always place it somewhere with cover where it can’t be easily shot.

Whenever you engage in a fight, use your Ultimate if you have it. There’s no sense in saving it if you’re going to lose the fight, and it gives vital information to your teammates at all times. The downside to this ultimate is that it is very easy to see from afar and lets other teams know you’re vulnerable. After winning a fight with your ultimate, make sure you are on your Heart Seeker to see if anyone else is near, then revive any teammates you need and heal up before leaving the area quickly.

Seer’s Ultimate is so powerful it can also be used to dissuade enemies from potentially pushing you. If you’re being pushed aggressively or need to get a revive on a teammate, don’t be afraid to throw your ultimate down. Certain abilities like this, Bloodhound’s ultimate or Revenant’s ultimate, cause other teams to think twice before pushing. It’s smarter to wait out the duration of these abilities and then push so you’re not at a disadvantage. This doesn’t always work, but when the other option is being sent back to the lobby, you have nothing to lose.