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  • A new and improved firing range is being added to Apex Legends Season 17 Arsenal.
  • Training Dummies will now be able to fight back and simulate real combat.
  • Indoor urban locations and a 1v1 pit have also been added to the firing range.

In the modern FPS and Battle Royale world a good firing range is a must. With Apex Legends Season 17 Arsenal, Respawn Entertainment is making sure theirs is up to par. Several new additions have been added to the firing range that will help players practice and keep warmed up for the Apex games. Apex Legends Season 17 Arsenal is set to launch on May 9th.

Training Dummies Fight Back

One of the biggest features missing from Apex Legends training range was the ability to simulate fighting without needing to bring in a friend to 1v1 you. Technically, there was a way through a well-known Easter egg to bring the dummies to life. But this method was complicated and left you with no guns or ammo, to begin with. Plus, the dummies weren’t all that smart in regards to their tactics and movements.

While we have no way of knowing if the AI of the training dummies has been improved, the fact that you can now just hit an option to turn them into enemy combatants is going to go a long way. Building upon the last firing range update that let you choose different movement types and move speeds for the dummies, the new firing range is sure to help players of all skill levels improve their game.

Hold the Door Please

Urban settings with multiple floors, windows and doors are very common in Apex Legends, especially on the World’s Edge map. In the old firing range there was no way to practice your combat and movement in these settings. In the new firing range there is an urban setting with multiple doors and windows.

You’ll be able to practice how to hold, how to use them for peeking with a Peacekeeper or Wingman and much more.

Bloodhound and Ballistic in the new firing range introduced in Apex Legends Season 17 Arsenal.

Bloodhound and Ballistic in the new firing range introduced in Apex Legends Season 17 Arsenal.

Moving in the Pit

Players who are experts at movement techniques like super gliding, bunny hopping and wall bouncing will be happy to hear about the new pit being added to the Firing Range. It’s a sunken area with numerous blocks of different heights and shapes to allow players to practice movement techniques.

It’ll also be a great place to 1v1 your friends and prove who in the squad is the true Apex Predator.

Speak Friend and Enter

One of the best changes to the firing range for anyone who has a long friends list and likes to hang out in the firing range is the change to joining friends. Prior to the Season 17 Patch, if you wanted to join someone in the firing range you’d have to leave back to the lobby, bring them into your party and rejoin.

Now, if someone on your friends list is already in the firing range, you can join their party as usual and then just hop into the firing range with them. No need to back out and re-queue together.

More Season 17

The improved firing range changes are just one of many coming to the new season of Apex Legends. Season 17 Arsenal also includes the brand new Legend August ‘Ballistic’ Brinkman, an overhauled ranked system, a new survival item called the Evac Tower, an update to the ping wheel system, changes to the World’s Edge map, and a new progression system with Weapon Mastery.

You can check out our full breakdown of the patch notes here. Apex Legends Season 17 Arsenal launches on May 9th.