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  • The Apex Legends Ping System is getting an upgrade in Season 17 Arsenal.
  • New Pings have been added to the normal Ping Wheel, Downed Ping Wheel and Skydive Ping Wheel.
  • The Downed Ping Wheel now includes a “Do Not Revive” option.

With the release of Apex Legends Season 17 Arsenal a plethora of new changes and improvements are coming to the game. Along with the addition of August “BallisticBrinkman, players are also getting an overhauled and expanded Firing Range, a Weapon Mastery System and an update to the revolutionary Ping System.

Ping System Update

When Apex Legends first launched, players loved the addition of the Ping System and it’s something other games have adopted. But since its introduction, there haven't been a lot of changes or updates to it.

With Season 17 for Apex Legends, there are a few changes being made to the Ping System and a lot of new options being added as well. Here are the upcoming changes you can expect when you log in during Season 17 Arsenal.

Combat Ping Wheel

The original Ping Wheel for when you’re on the ground playing in a match are We Go, Enemy, Looting, Attack, I Go, Defend, Watching and Enemy Activity. With Season 17 Arsenal the wheel has evolved and includes new options.

The first is Avoid, for letting your team know to avoid a section, whether you’re telling them no when they want to go there, or you’ve seen something that you think makes an area dangerous.

There’s also Enemy Audio for when you hear an enemy sound, but can’t quite locate exactly where it is. This will help to put your entire team on full alert and be aware of your surroundings.

Regroup is another new addition for calling your team back to your position or so a new position to fortify or anchor a building. Options such as Looting, Attack, Defend, Watching and Enemy Activity all remain while We Go, I Go, and Enemy have been removed.

Downed Ping Wheel

Prior to Apex Legends Season 17 (Arsenal), if you were knocked down in combat you didn’t have a lot of options for what you could tell your teammates. Most players resort to just spam pinging where the enemy is if they can see them.

Now you have a few more options including calling for Help, pointing out the Enemy or whether they are healing or reviving and the ability to tell your teammates to not revive you if you think it’s too dangerous.

Skydiving Ping Wheel

Lastly, the Skydiving Ping Wheel has received an upgrade in Apex Legends Season 17 (Arsenal) as well. Prior the only options you had on a Skydiving Ping Wheel was to point out what location you’d like to go to and if there were any enemies around.

The Enemy and Go pings are still present, but players also now have the option of the Looting Ping and Avoid Ping as well.

Finally, they’ve also updated pinging on the map. Previously, pinging anywhere on the map would just give the “Go” command. But now pinging a specific item such as a Beacon, Crafting Replicator or Special Loot Bin will ping that specific thing.

Season 17 Arsenal

Season 17 (Arsenal) of Apex Legends is shaping up to be massive with a lot of interesting changes coming in for all players. If you’re curious to know more about it, such as the new Legend Ballistic, you can check out his abilities here.

We’ve also got you covered on some of the new changes like an improved Firing Range, an overhauled ranked system, the new progression system in Weapon Mastery, the changes coming to World’s Edge and the Evac Tower survival item.

Apex Legends Season 17 Arsenal launches on May 9th. You can also check out our full patch notes here.