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  • The hottest drop in Apex Legends, Fragment, is changing to Monument in Season 17 Arsenal.
  • The popular Construction POI is moving to Lava City and being renamed Stacks.
  • Other POIs such as Harvester, Skyhook and Trials are all receiving minor changes as well.

When a new Season of Apex Legends drops, one of the most anticipated changes is always how the map is going to evolve. With Arsenal, Season 17 of Apex Legends, major changes are coming to the player-favorite maps of World’s Edge — specifically its hottest drop spots Fragment West and Fragment East. Here are all the changes coming to Fragment and the rest of World’s Edge in Season 17 of Apex Legends.

Fragment is No More…Kind Of.

The Fragment POI is so synonymous with hot dropping that one of the buildings in Fragment East was nicknamed Streamer Building because you’d always see streamers and pro players dropping there.

Fragment still remains in a sense, but it has undergone a lot of changes. The biggest change is the removal of the market area and the collapsed building that formed a bridge over the lava river in the center. It’s been cleared out and replaced with Monument, a museum showcasing the history of the Apex Games.

Players will be able to go into the Museum and see all kinds of history for Apex Legends including some Easter eggs teased by the Devs. Some Sniper Towers have also been added to the area and a glass ceiling allows players outside of the Museum to look in on those who may be trying to bunker down.

The popular Construction building has been removed and replaced with one of the skyscrapers that only has two floors on it. Most of Fragment East, such as the train station and the buildings to its east have remained untouched. In fact, it also looks as though Streamer Building itself is also still intact.

The Apex Games Museum is the new major POI in Monument in the Apex Legends Season 17 Arsenal map update.

The Apex Games Museum is the new major POI in Monument in the Apex Legends Season 17 Arsenal map update.

Lava City is Stacked

For the players who may be lamenting the loss of Construction and the precise level of skill and movement it took to dominate several teams at once on a hot drop, don’t fret. Lava City, the location just south of Rampart’s Town Takeover, Big Maude, has been transformed.

Now called Stack, a new construction-inspired location has gone up that includes designs from the original construction building in Capitol City, the first incarnation of Fragment back when World’s Edge was first released.

The move from Fragment to Lava City was likely to keep a POI on the map where high-skill players can still flex their movement techniques, but keep it away from the center of the map. In this way not every match had half the lobby dropping into a single location.

With Stacks located so close to a Loot Vault and Big Maude, you should expect this area of the map to be highly active if the Drop Ship is flying anywhere near it.

What was once Lava City on World's Edge in Apex Legends, is now called Stack in Apex Legends Season 17 Aresenal.

What was once Lava City on World's Edge in Apex Legends, is now called Stack in Apex Legends Season 17 Arsenal.

Other Map Changes

One of the comments from the Devs in regard to the World’s Edge update is that the planet is finally starting to heal. As a result, snowfall has increased in the northern areas of the map creating new footpaths around Skyhook.

There’s also been a Loot Vault added to Skyhook and the drop rate of Vault Keys from Loot Drones has been increased.

Changes are also coming to Trials and Harvester as well. Plus, all of the lava rivers in World’s Edge are now safe to cross thanks to the falling temperatures of the planet.

More on Season 17 Arsenal

The World’s Edge map changes are just one of many coming to the new season of Apex Legends. Season 17 Arsenal also includes the brand new Legend August ‘Ballistic’ Brinkman, an overhauled ranked system, a new survival item called the Evac Tower, an update to the ping wheel system, changes to the firing range and a new progression system with Weapon Mastery.

You can check out our full breakdown of the patch notes here. Apex Legends Season 17 Arsenal launches on May 9th.