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Apex Legends Players are Invincible in Glitched Trident with new Bug

  • Apex Legends players can become invincible to gunfire while riding the Trident if they go through a specific set of actions.
  • If the Trident is in the water and is hit by Fuse’s ultimate ability, gunfire will not hurt anyone on it.
  • Bugs and glitches are nothing new to Apex Legends, but this has been one of the most disruptive to the already unstable ranked mode.

Last year EA unceremoniously fired over 200 quality assurance testers at Respawn Entertainment and ever since then it feels like the bugs and glitches in Apex Legends have been running rampant. The most recent glitch could be one of the worst of all.

Apex Legend’s Invincible Trident Bug

The current bug everyone is talking about makes the Tridents in Apex Legends and anyone riding it, invincible. The Trident was introduced in season 7 with Horizon on the map Olympus. It’s a hovercraft that lets a squad ride around the map at top speeds.

The player base was initially hesitant about the idea of putting vehicles into the games, but when you’re on the Trident your entire team takes damage if the Trident is shot. With the vehicle being such a big target, it can often be a death sentence hopping onto it.

But a new bug has been found that makes the Trident and its passengers invincible. If the Trident goes into a body of water and then a Fuse hits it with his ultimate ability, Motherlode, driving the Trident through the flames of that ability makes it invincible.

You can still deal damage with abilities and grenades, but you’re still at a pretty big disadvantage against an invincible tank with two gunners on the side. TikTok is already full of content creators showcasing their own unique ways to deal with the invincible Trident bug and those who abuse it.

So if you’re looking to play any Apex Legends over the week, we suggest avoiding Storm Point. World’s Edge and Broken Moon are still safe since they don’t have Tridents. Who knows how long it’ll take Respawn to figure out and fix the Trident glitch, but they may be able to just disable them on the maps until they do.