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Apex Legends Season 20: Everything We Know So Far

Who will be the new Legend in Apex Legends Season 20 and can players expect a new weapon to be added to their arsenal?
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Everything We Know About Season 20 Apex Legends, New Legend, New Weapon, Rumors and Leaks

  • Apex Legends Season 20 is set to release in early to mid-February around February 13th.
  • The only currently rumored Legend that could be poised for Season 20 is Jester, a character originally intended for Titanfall 2 multiplayer.
  • There’s a rework being planned for Lifeline that would re-work her ultimate to be more defensive and allow her drone to follow players around.

With the new year ringing in and 2023 behind us, players are already looking to Season 20 of Apex Legends. The previous season had both its ups and downs, and Conduit was a popular and welcome addition to the Legends roster. But what can players look forward to in Season 20 of Apex Legends which will be launching in early to mid-February around the 13th?

Is Jester the next Legend?

There hasn’t been a lot of movement in the rumor or leak mill in regards to who the next Legend will be for Apex Legends Season 20. But one name has been floating around for quite some time and that is Jester.

A few years ago a massive Apex Legends leak spoiled quite a few future characters including Catalyst, Ballistic, and Vantage. With the release of Conduit, all the characters on that original leaked roster have been added to the game except for one…Jester.

Jester was also originally intended to be released with the Titanfall 2 multiplayer but was cut at the last second. We don’t know a lot about Jester, but at one point they had the ultimate that Catalyst ended up releasing this.

A mock Legend select screen with leaked and rumors characters from Apex Legends.

A mock Legend select screen with leaked and rumors characters from Apex Legends.

As of the last round of rumors spreading around the Apex Legends content creator space, Jester’s abilities included a passive called Rewire that let them turn grenades into proximity mines. They also had a tactical ability that allowed them to call in a drop pot of specter soldiers. Finally, their ultimate was a cloaking field that would temporarily make their entire invisible for 6 seconds.

It’s also entirely possible that there won’t be a new Legend with Season 20 as last year showed us that the developers are fine with holding back on a Legend release to work on other systems. Last year we got the Legend Class system rework instead of a new Legend as well as Revenant Reborn instead of a new Legend.

Lifeline Rework Rumors

Season 20 could include another Legend Rework as Lifeline Reborn is rumored to be in development. This rework according to leaks changes her tactical ability so that her drone DOC can follow players around and heal them on the move.

Her tactical is also being changed from the supply drop to a reverse Horizon Ultimate that would repel and push players away from it.

New Legend Perk System Update

A new system such as Legend Perks was recently tested out during the Loba Prestige Skin event, Uprising. This system existed previously in the Apex Legends Mobile game that was canceled last year.

The perks used in the Uprising Event included the ability to see grenades and healing items through walls, as well as carry one extra grenade and healing item per slot.

Apex Legends already has a very high skill ceiling for new players and needing to unlock additional perks and abilities could lead to several new and complex balance changes that the developers would have to juggle.

Free Reward Tracker in Apex Legends Uprising Collection Event

Free Reward Tracker in Apex Legends Uprising Collection Event

New Weapon Rumors in Apex Legends

Currently, there are no concrete rumors about a new gun coming into Apex Legends Season 20. The last weapon that was added was the Nemesis which will be four seasons old when Season 20 drops.

There are a few leaked weapons that we have yet to see in Apex Legends and those include the Scorpion Crossbow, the Maelstrom LMG, and the dual-wielded Gemini pistols.

The Scorpion Crossbow is the most likely weapon to next make an appearance since it would share ammo with the Bocek Bow and Respawn could finally put the bow back on the floor loot. But we’ve also heard from various sources that the Gemini Pistols, which would be like dual-wielding P2020 have been in development for some time.

Apex Ranked System Update

Ever since the last big ranked update to the game players have grown increasingly frustrated with the hidden Match Making Rating system. Reports of players being grouped with and matched against those far outside of their skill range are still running rampant.

There was even a situation where Sweets was trying to do a challenge and solo queue from Bronze to Masters. He quit that challenge early when he was teamed up with two gold players but matched against Predators at his level.