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Is Jester the Season 20 Legend for Apex Legends

Could the leaked Legend Jester be coming to Apex Legends in Season 20?

Could a cut Titanfall 2 Character, Jester, be the new Legend for Season 20 of Apex Legends?

  • Leaks suggest that Jester has been in the works for awhile and almost made it into Titanfall 2.
  • Jester’s abilities include a proximity mine, calling down spectors as back-up and a squad-wide cloaking field.
  • Jester's lore and background suggests he may have been the original blueprint for Revenant, as a simulacrum who doesn’t know what they are.

Season 20 of Apex Legends is still a few months off, but there are already rumors and leaks about who could be the next Legend. One of the Legends who have been floating around for some time, is a character named Jester. But this Legend is a bit of an anomaly as they’ve been around since before Apex Legends launched. Here’s everything we know about Jester.

Where Did Jester Come From?

Jester was originally supposed to be a character included in Titanfall 2 but was cut at the last possible moment. They were so close to being in the game that there were actually Jester figurines created. For whatever reason, he was cut and faded into obscurity.

The codename Jester has since shown up in several major Apex Legends leaks, but recently more and more details are starting to emerge about what Jester’s toolkit could be if he released in Season 20 or later.

Jesters Abilities

As of the most recent leaks according to popular YouTuber and Apex Legends Content Creator, Thordan Smash, Jester’s abilities include a proximity mine, an ability that calls in robots to guard an area and a squad-wide cloaking device.

Rewire (Passive)

Jester can turn any grenade into a proximity mine that sticks to surfaces. Jester can toggle between proximity mines and regular grenades. Jester also spawns with a grenade.

Spectre Drop (Tactical)

Call in a drop pod with 3 spectres to guard an area. Only 1 set can be active at a time.

The Spectre’s are the robots that players could encounter in the IMC Armories on Storm Point before they were destroyed in the storm last season. Now the armories are defunct in Storm Point, so seeing them come back in some capacity as a Legend ability would

Cloak Field (Ultimate)

Creates a short-lived cloaking device that hides all players in a small area. Cloak lasts for 6 seconds after leaving the cloak field.

This ability has some major mirage vibes and could be fun to use in PUBs or a squad of your friends. But the chances of it getting much use in a competitive setting is low.

Who is Jester?

Jester is known as the Tricky Trapper and you can see why from their Proximity Mines to their Cloaking Field. Regardless of whether Jester is slated to be the next Legend or not, these abilities could change during the playtesting phase.

What is known about his character since before he was cut from Titanfall 2 is that he was an independent bounty hunter who only communicates with his clients via proxies. He was going to be an experimental IMC Simulacrum based on a dead, highly decorated operative.

Which means he would’ve been similar to Revenant and Ash, but maybe not as homicidal? Though the lore also says that like Revenant he wouldn’t have known he was a simulacrum, so who knows. It’s very possible and likely that this could change entirely since this is basically Revenant’s story and Respawn wouldn’t want to make a character with the same or similar lore to an already established and popular Legend.

It’s still very early in Season 19 to put too much money on whether Jester is the Season 20 Legend or not. But the abilities seem like a complete toolkit that could be very fun in Apex Legends.