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What Legends are the Pros in the ALGS Pro League Playing?

With the Year 4 Apex Legends Global Series underway, here are some of the most picked Legends in the ALGS Pro League Split 1.

Apex Legends Global Series Pro Legend Pick Rate for Year 4 ALGS Pro League 2024

The first week of the Apex Legends Global Series is in the books and with it, we have a pretty good idea of the starting meta for the next couple of weeks of the ALGS Pro League. Barring any major shifts or changes the top Legends being played by pros are…predictable. The top Legends being run across the North American ALGS Pro League are Bangalore, Catalyst, Horizon, and Conduit.

But what makes these four Legends so popular and powerful, especially considering that three of the four have received Nerfs at least once since last year's Apex Legends Global Series?


In the past two years of the Apex Legends Global Series Bangalore has taken over as one of the most popular picks despite at one point being rarely used. If you ask any player who has been a Bangalore main since day one, they’ll tell you she’s never had the kind of respect she has now.

But with the Seer scan meta well and truly behind us for now and Digital Threats no longer in the crafter, her smokes have never been better. It can still be dangerous when pushing through Bangalore smokes against other ALGS pros if they do have Digital Threat optics, but her Double Time Passive Ability gives her a big boost to her speed when she’s shot or shot at.

It makes Bangalore a perfect entry fragger because she can get in fast to secure a knock, deal a load of damage, and in some cases escape scotch-free through her smoke.

Bangalore's Prestige Skin Finisher in Apex Legends.

Bangalore's Prestige Skin Finisher in Apex Legends.


Conduit being in the ALGS meta right now shouldn’t surprise anyone who has spent any amount of time in ranked Apex Legends. Whether or not she’ll stay in the ALGS Pro League long-term remains to be seen, but chances are looking good with how she’s currently built.

With Conduit, her value lies in both her tactical ability and her ultimate ability. Being able to quickly recharge your team's shield to get back into battle is a massive strength against a team without a Conduit. But the biggest ace Conduit has up her sleeve, and that may be nerfed at some point in the future, is the ability to use her tactical on teammates through walls up to 50 yards away.

Her ultimate ability is also extremely oppressive. Being able to create a large barrier that slows enemies and deals damage can end another team's game very quickly. When it’s used inside a building it can be devastating.

Conduit is a great defensive and support Legend, and while a lot of teams are running her, the more aggressive teams like TSM are choosing to stick with compositions like Bangalore, Horizon, and Catalyst.


Despite the Nerfs Horizon got to her lift last year she’s still as strong as ever in their Apex Legends Global Series meta. She can be used as a movement Legend to help teams get high positions or circumvent obstacles that would stop other compositions dead in their tracks.

Her tactical ability can be used defensively as an area of denial tool and her ultimate ability remains one of the most useful ones in the games. Like her tactical, it can be used both offensively to push and secure kills, but it can be used defensively to keep an enemy team at bad or cause them to scatter.

Horizon is a great compliment to a Legend like Bangalore since they can both serve as entry fraggers and do a good job backing each other up. A good Horizon helps to secure kills, but a great Horizon can aid in splitting another team apart from one another and controlling the flow of the fight with her abilities depending on the location.


Despite some major nerfs last season following the massive Seer vs Catalyst ALGS meta, the self-proclaimed witch came out the other side unscathed. Catalyst is still a huge defensive Legend that a lot of teams in the ALGS Pro League are running.

Her ultimate wall is one of the most valuable tools, especially on maps with wide open areas where trying to cross would spell an end to the game with a few well-placed headshots. Both Stormpoint and World’s Edge feature a lot of urban fighting and holding buildings.

While there are quite a few legends who do this well (Wattson, Caustic) neither of them has the versatility of a Catalyst. She can hold doors and buildings, she can rebuild them and most importantly, she can even turn a well-bunkered team's strength against them by locking them inside their building, forcing a team to break out and put themselves in the line of fire.

Paired with a Bangalore, a Catalyst team will be able to obfuscate themselves at a moment's notice to heal, rotate, or re-engage into a fight. With the scan meta no longer in play and Catalyst’s wall serving to counter them even when they are, she has very few effective counters.

How To Watch the ALGS Pro League

The Apex Legends Global Series has begun and Fans can tune into the weekly matches for North America and EMEA on the official Apex Legends Esports YouTube and Twitch channels. You can find the schedule for both regions in our article for everything you need to know about the Year 4 ALGS Pro League.

The broadcast schedule for the North American and EMEA regions for the ALGS Pro League.

The broadcast schedule for the North American and EMEA regions for the ALGS Pro League.