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The Apex Legends Global Series continues with the second week of Pro League play for Split 2. As over 100 teams continue to battle it out for their spot at the Split 2 Playoffs in a few months, we gathered a few of the best moments from this past weekend to showcase the action you might have missed. Here are five of the best moments in the ALGS Pro League Split 2. 

100 Thieves Dynamic Duo

In Game 6 of Day 3 in the ALGS Pro League, the final circle came down to a point in Lightning Rod with multiple levels of height and very little cover for those on the low ground. Three teams remained with NOXIOUS at the man advantage since they had all three team members still alive. CLG was in the most trouble with only two players alive and little cover to utilize. Despite being down a man, 100 Thieves had the ground with a clear sight on both NOXIOUS and CLG.

100 Thieves played patiently here, holding the high ground as long as they could. Before the final fight commenced, CLG lost another one of their players, which meant NOXIOUS had a solo and one duo to contend with. They were also coming out of cover with a Catalyst wall.

As well as 100 Thieves played this, NOXIOUS also had a hand in setting them up for the win. When the Catalyst wall came out from NOXIOUS, they went to the CLG side where there was just one threat in Sebastien "Mamba" Cabrera. Despite the full NOXIOUS squad coming in on that side, it went downhill fast.

Brendan "Onmuu" Pode dropped Andre "CUBSKi" Enriquez with the Wingman shots first, and Mamba knocked Jvonn "Avexys" Williams thereafter. Now 100 Thieves have the advantage in a two versus one versus one. Preston "Preslyy" Stinson does manage to finish off Mamba, but with two players versus the one, the cleanup from 100 Thieves was quick.

Pioneers Box in Fire Beavers

The Fire Beavers have been putting on a great showing in the EMEA region of the ALGS. But during Match 1 of Day 4 in the Apex Legends Global Series, Pioneers showed just how capable they were of flipping the script on the Fire Beavers.

After using a Valkyrie ultimate to escape and bunker down in one of the cars on World’s Edge, Pioneer took the chance to turn the defensive car into a box of death.

As the Pioneers come up from behind Fire Beavers, they call for the nades inside the car which gives Fire Beavers only a few choices on how to respond. They can stay inside and take the damage. They can evacuate their defensive position or, depending on where the grenade is, try to stay inside but avoid damage. Because of the side of the car, avoiding the damage all together is probably impossible.

With how quickly Fire Beavers need to react, there isn’t enough time to make a call for everyone. So you see two of them step out of the car, but the Valkyrie stays in, moving to the back to avoid the blast. Casper "Gnaske" Præstensgaard takes advantage of this and puts up his Catalyst wall, further compromising Fire Beaver's position and ability to play. This separates the team and allows Pioneers to clean them up easily. The Valkyrie is a fish in a barrel and goes down first, with their Seer following soon after.

Alliance Proves Obi-Wan Wrong

Alliance has been a stand out team in the ALGS Pro League in only two weeks. Part of the reason is that Oscar "Yuki" Jiang is running Rampart instead of the Catalyst that most squads have in play. But they proved their skills in Match 3 of Day 4, flexing some incredible patience and gunplay.

With the ring shrinking and the high ground already claimed, they took up residence underneath Vexed Gaming to resupply on shields and meds since they were running low. There were a ton of death boxes on the low ground for them but it also put them right under Vexed Gaming. Thanks to the Rampart Amped Cover walls, they had more protection than would have otherwise. And thanks to the angle of the rocks on the high ground, Vexed Gaming didn’t have great sight lines on them.

Alliance exchanged some shots back and forth but waited it out until Dynasty came in for the third party and wiped Vexed Gaming. But Alliance was still on the low ground with the ring moving in. They played it so patiently, waiting for a pick or for Dynasty to make a mistake. With only one other team, a solo, left, this was Dynasty’s game to win or lose since they had no threat of a third party.

But Dynasty lost the game when William "Tolkien" Kihlgren dropped to low ground to contest Yuki on the Rampart and took a well placed Peacekeeper shot to the face. Alliance converged on the last two members of Dynasty, then hunted down the final solo to take the game.

MLS Divides & Conquers

On Day 4, Match 6 MLS had a massive win that Drug Free and AJC basically handed to them. In the final circle, Drug Free had just managed to survive an attack from Sentinels as they were taking cover. Sentinel's defeat put the remaining squads at three between them Drug Free, AJC and MLS.

AJC was hiding and bunkering down on some high ground among the rocks behind tree cover. MLS took a risky gamble by sending two of their squad to deal with Drug Free while Lux kept laying cover firing on AJC. Lux couldn’t see AJC and was hitting no shots, but the G7 popping off over and over was enough to keep them down while his teammates finished off Drug Free.

If AJC had come from their perch to push Lux while his teammates were fighting Drug Free, this match could’ve gone any number of directions. Or if Drug Free was able to beat the MLS Duo without Lux backing them up. But the divide and conquer strategy worked and netted MLS a great win to end the night in the EMEA region.

Valkyrie’s High Kick

In this last play, you can’t even see the deciding factor in the win from the POV of the official broadcast as it’s following Optic Gaming’s Valkyrie William "SkittleCakes" August. As the final fight commences, he takes to the sky.

A tactic many Valkyrie’s in the final circle employ is to fly straight up, let everyone below take each out and get low on shields and health. Then the Valkyrie drops back down and finishes off whoever is left.

But if you watch from the start of this clip, you’ll notice Sentinel’s Valkyrie Beau "RamBeau" Sheidy took to the sky first. When SkittleCakes starts to fall back down, he loses a chunk of his health and falls outside of the ring, taking another tick of damage. In the final one versus RamBeau and SkittleCakes, RamBeau takes the win because he has more shields and health.

Watching from RamBeau’s perspective on Twitch, you can see the deciding factor. As RamBeau falls from the sky, he sees SkittlesCakes below him and kicks him out of the zone, giving him the upper hand to take the win.

The Apex Legends Global series will continue as the teams battle it out through May to decide who gets to participate in the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs. You can watch all the action on Saturday and Sunday at the official ALGS Twitch and YouTube Channel. For more information on how the ALGS works, check out our guide.