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TSM & Beaver’s stand out in last days of ALGS Pro League

The Apex Legends Global Series has wrapped up its regular season of play for the Apex Pro League and here are some of the best moments from the weekend.

  • TSM finally broke the top 10 with a standout performance resulting in 19 kills and a first place finish.
  • Fire Beavers came back to win a match off two members being respawned against Horizon Union.
  • ALGS Pro League regular season play is done, with only three regional finals left before the London LAN in June.

The last two days of the Apex Pro League in the ALGS were a bloodbath as we saw a change in tactics from the bottom of the leaderboard. With the regional finals around the corner, only 20 of the 30 teams in each region would get a shot at qualifying for the London LAN in June to participate in the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs. Here are some of the stand plays and moments of the weekend.

TSM Rampage

Phillip "ImperialHal" Dosen, otherwise known by fans as the CEO of Apex, is called the GOAT for a reason. Though, if you’re new to the scene you may not understand why given their inconsistent performance over the course of the Split 2 Pro League. But fans are diehard and games like Round 3 on Day 8 are the reason they believe.

TSM had an incredible game with 19 kills leading them into the win. Despite no other placements in the Top 4 and two rounds in the bottom 10, they took 1st place for the day earning them enough points overall to break the top 10 for the season’s end.

In their rampage of a match, the winning moment starts at 1:54:26 in match 3. TSM is facing off against Complexity Gaming and FaZe Clan. TSM has the high ground and both COL and FaZe have to push up from the low ground. The two low ground teams will also collide with one another as they do, allowing TSM to shoot at them like fish in a barrel.

FaZe are trying to push up out of a tunnel and take massive damage as TSM lobs grenades into the tiny opening. FaZe drops a Catalyst ultimate for some type of cover, but a Seer ultimate comes out to counter. COL pushes up to engage them, but Evan "Verhulst" Verhulst from TSM is able to reposition on his Valkyrie to get a clear view of the fight.

And one by one, COL falls, then TSM swoops in to finish off FaZe who didn’t even get a chance to leave their tunnel.

Never Turn Your Back on Fire Beavers

One of the most surprising turns of events came at the end of Round 1 on Day 9 in the EMEA region. At 37:52 four squads are left standing, JLINGZ Esports, Horizon Union are both at full capacity with only a single member left between Myztro Gaming and Fire Beavers.

Both full squads have high ground, but the circle is going to force both of them into the low ground. The solo players aren’t much of a threat in that they can win the match, but could absolutely throw a wrench into the gears of either of the full teams.

As the circle creeps in, JLINGZ knows they have a rat above them. During their search Horizon Union manage to hit one of JLINGZ with a Kraber shot and full send on them. They finish off the rat from Myztro and then clean up JLINGZ. With one broken shield and one member missing a bit of health all Horizon Union need to do now is find the last rat from Fire Beavers to secure their win.

But suddenly Johan "JSavageW" Wilbrenninck from Horizon Union goes down as Svyatoslav "ojrein" Korochinsky from the Fire Beavers starts his assault. But the most surprising thing about it is that his teammates are respawning. While Horizon Union finished of JLINGZ, Fire Beavers hit the respawn beacon.

Before he goes down, ojrein is able to drop BALILJAMIN leaving just one member of Horizon Union standing. With two fresh players from Fire Beavers on the ground, even in white armor, they’re able to get what they need and finish off Horizon Union with a hip fire Charge Rifle shot to win the game.

Oxygen Win Match Blind

In Round 2 of Day 8 in North America, Oxygen Esports showcases some clever thinking in the top 3. At 1:22:09 the circle is shrinking and once everyone is pushed out of their cover around the same time it’s a free for all. Not wanting to leave everything up to change, Oxygen does something no one in their right mind would do.

Rise is the first team to make a push, they throw down a Catalyst ultimate to split the zone in half and make a bee-line for Luminosity Gaming who only have two members left. It’s the right choice as you secure two more KP and guarantee yourself at least second place.

But Oxygen take this moment to reposition to the tail end of the Catalyst ultimate and you can hear one of the casters say that if they push through the Dark Veil they’re almost committing suicide. But Oxygen does, they push through blinded and slowed one of them goes down immediately. But Adam "senoxe" Lau on Oxygen puts down his Gibraltar bubble for a bit of cover and somehow, even while blind Oxygen is able to outplay Rise and take the win.

FUT Esports Dominates a 3 v 3 v 3

In the midst of round 1 in the EMEA region at 34:48 FUT Esports puts on a great showing as they end up involved in a full on 3 v 3 v 3 with Vortex CGO and Vexed Gaming.

Vortex is rotating from Mill to Downed Beast where Vexed Gaming is already stationed and FUT Esports see’s the cross. Vexed decides to cross towards them, going on the offensive. They almost immediately trade one for one in the Bangalore smokes.

Both teams start to reposition and try to heal through a Rolling Thunder Bangalore Ultimate, but FUT Esports wastes no time swooping in to try and clean up as a third party. They find Vexed Gaming’s Matej "MaTaFe" Fekonja and drop him.

FUT Esports surrounds what is left of both teams as they scramble to survive and slowly pick them all off one by one. It’s a great demonstration of patience and waiting for the right time to engage. They were able to take it slow, trust that each of them had control of their angles and pick up a ton of KP and allow a safer entry into Downed Beast.

Where can you watch more ALGS?

The ALGS Pro League has finished its regular season play, but there are still three regional finals taking place on May 6th and May 7th. The APAC-N region will finish its regional finals on Saturday, May 6th and both EMEA and North America will finish on May 7th.

The winners of these finals will secure a spot on the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs in June and the points from the regional finals will help determine the final teams to join from the Apex Pro League results.

You can watch all the action at the Official Apex Legends Twitch Channel or on the ALGS Official YouTube Channel.