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Heirlooms and rare cosmetics are all the rage in Apex Legends and lately, Respawn Entertainment has been adding more mythic level skins. Wraith recently got an alternate skin for her Kunai Heirloom and last year players saw the roll out of mythic Prestige Skins. While some rumors have been swirling about who would get their Prestige skin next, a new leak pretty much confirms it.

What are Prestige Skins?

Heirlooms and Prestige Skins are the end all, be all of cosmetics in Apex Legends. You can only get them with the rare Heirloom Shards which appear at a rate of 1 out of every 500 Apex Loot Packs. When a new Heirloom or Prestige Skin is released, players also have the option of buying 24 cosmetics from a collection event and receiving the new mythic level skin on top of it. But that will normally cost you around $180 if you don’t have any crafting metals or Apex coins saved up.

So far, Bloodhound, Bangalore and Wraith have all received a Prestige skin and they tend to follow the theme of Titanfall Pilots. What makes these skins so special is that they’re actually three skins in one. You unlock the second two and a rare, special finisher by dealing 30,000 and 100,000 damage on that hero. The skins progress, adding more and more detail to it as you unlock each one.

Caustics Prestige Skin

Caustic’s newest skin is black and neon green, which is a color combination that matches his evil scientist persona and green noxious gas. In the first stage of the skin he’s wearing a mask that covers his nose and mouth, which is practical for his character and the gas he deals with but also references that theme of Titanfall Pilots. He’s also covered in his usual armor, colors ranging from black and grays to green with some red trim. His forehead and face also have some kind of green discoloration that could be related to his gas or may even just be a type of tattooing.

After dealing 30,000 damage and unlocking his second skin, he now has a full helmet covering his face. You can see a vague, holographic skull type pattern on the faceplate embracing Caustic’s persona of death and decay. The armor chest plating on this skin is more filled out with some spikes added to his back to further accentuate that evil aura.

Finally, after dealing 100,000 damage Caustic officially enters his Power Rangers Villain era. The holographic skull on the helmet is very apparent and a horned plate on the top completes the look with fang-like attachments coming down over the face. His armor plating is further upgraded with more spikes and more noxious gas green.

Lastly, his finisher features him doing his best Reptile impression from Mortal Kombat where he pulls off his facemask and spews toxic venom all over his opponent to finish them off.

The Problem with Prestige Skins

When the Bloodhound Prestige skin was first announced and released, there was mixed reception from the player base. On one hand, gamers always love the chance to get new, rare cosmetics that they can show off in matches against other players.

But the Prestige Skins aren’t really any different from a normal skin. You technically get three of them after you’ve dealt the pre-requisite amount of damage. But it also costs $180 to get and in a first person perspective shooting game you can’t even see your own skin.

Respawn Entertainment has said they hear players and are working on ways to make the Prestige Skins more attractive such as including special introduction animations at the start of a match when you select your character.

Some players think that the skin should evolve and level up in the match itself, similar to the way reactive weapon skins work from completing battle passes.

The Caustic Prestige skin will likely be the main feature for the next big collection event in Apex Legends. Currently, the Sun Squad Collection Event is live from March 28th until April 11th. You can learn all about it here and check out our other articles on how to get all of the new legendary skins as well as the best legends to use in the Heat Wave event.