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What Apex Legends Patch is ALGS: 2023 Split 2 Playoffs Playing on?

  • The Apex Legends Global Series Split 2 Playoffs will be played on the most recent patch for the game.
  • The recent Seer changes will be live, so he can’t be used to counter Catalyst’s ultimate ability.
  • The changes to the World’s Edge Map and the newest Legend, Ballistic, are all in play as well.

The Apex Legends Global Series will wrap up its second Split this weekend with the Split 2 Playoffs, following the conclusion of the Pro League a couple months ago. Some fans may be wondering exactly what patch will the pros be playing on. It’s always more fun to see them using the latest Legends, playing on the latest maps and with the most current changes, even if that’s not always the case.

ALGS Playoffs for Split 2 on Current Patch

The majority of the first half of the 2022-2023 Apex Legends Global Series has been off by a patch or two, with Catalyst not seeing any play until the second half of the split in the Pro League.

Viewers don’t have to worry about that this time around as the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs will take place on the most recent, major patch introduced with the Dressed to Kill Event.

Seer Gets Big Changes

Perhaps the biggest change that will take place for the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs is the Seer changes that came with the most recent update. Both Catalyst and Seer saw major play in the early weeks of the Pro League, as Catalyst’s ultimate ability was used to provide cover and deny line of sight to opposing teams.

Seer was used for his abilities to see through walls and provide information to his team, but he was also the best counter to Catalyst’s walls. Seer’s ultimate ability would outline those trying to use a Catalyst ultimate ability for cover in diamonds on the other side making them easy targets.

But as Apex Legends players suspected from Catalyst's introduction last year, her wall is supposed to block Seer scans. That fix has finally been implemented into the game.

Seer’s tactical ability has also seen a major change and has become a more viable and dangerous ability to use in mid-combat. While it remains to be seen exactly how this may change the meta or pick rate of these two, it’s definitely going to change how they interact.

World’s Edge Gets Makeover

One of the two maps used in competitive Apex for the ALGS also underwent some major changes. Both Fragment West and Lava City have become brand new Points of Interests that will hopefully provide some new and exciting final circles in the Split 2 Playoffs should the matches end there.

And of course, the newest Legend Ballistic is also going to be seen. With a powerful ultimate ability, expect to see him being run as well.

Where to Watch the ALGS: 2023 Split 2 Playoffs?

The Apex Legends Global Series 2023: Split 2 Playoffs are happening on July 13th through July 16th. The group stages are set for July 13th and 14th, with bracket stages following on July 15th and the finals on July 16th.

The event will take place in London and can be watched live on the official Play Apex Twitch Channel or the official Apex Legends Global Series YouTube Channel.

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