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Year 4 Apex Legends Global Series: Everything You Need To Know

The Year 4 Apex Legends Global Series details have dropped. Find out when the competition starts and what key dates to keep an eye on.

Apex Legends Global Series Year 4; Updates, Dates, Pro League, Playoff Details and more.

  • The ALGS Split 1 Apex Legends Pro League will commence on January 20-21, 2024.
  • The South American Pro League is being removed, but South American players can still participate in the Challenger’s Circuit.
  • Registration for the Preseason Qualifiers for the Year 4 ALGS open on Monday, October 23rd.

Apex Legends and EA have finally dropped details concerning the next iteration of the Apex Legends Global Series. The Year 4 ALGS brings with it a few major changes including dropping the South American Pro League and new Challenger Circuit Eligibility. There will once again be three major in-person LAN tournaments throughout the season. Here’s everything you need to know about Year 4 of the Apex Legends Global Series.

South America Pro League Removed

One of the biggest changes coming to the Apex Legends Global Series will impact the South American region. In an effort to “enhance” the competitive ecosystem of the South American player base, there will no longer be a South American Pro League.

This doesn’t mean that South American teams can’t participate in the ALGS. Instead, in order to qualify for LAN events all pro and amateur teams in South America will be competing in the South American Challenger Circuit. At the end of each Challenger Circuit split, the top 20 teams will face off in the South American Regional Finals and at least the top two teams will qualify for Playoffs.

These finals will also award $31,250 per split and at the end of the Split 2, the South American team with the most Playoffs Points will move on to join the Championship.

ALGS Representation from Six Regions

Year 4 of the Apex Legends Global Series will feature teams from six different regions including: North America, EMEA, APAC North and South, South America and China.

Split 1 Playoffs (40 Teams)

  • Two teams will be invited from China.
  • Two qualifying teams through Split 1 Challenger Circuit in South America.
  • Thirty-six teams qualify through the Split 1 Pro League Regular season.
    • Twelve teams from North America.
    • Eight teams each from EMEA, APAC North and APAC South regions.

Split 2 Playoffs (40 Teams)

  • The exact number of teams representation slots by each region will vary based on each region's individual performance in the Split 1 Playoffs.
  • At least two teams will be invited from China.
  • At least two qualifying teams through the Split 2 Challenger Circuit in South America.
  • Up to thirty-six teams qualify through the Split 2 Pro League Regular season.
    • At least ten teams from North America.
    • At least six tears from the EMEA, APAC North and Apex South regions.

Championship (40 Teams)

  • Top teams in each region (six teams total) by Playoff Points.
  • The next twenty-six teams with the highest Playoff Points across Split 1 and 2 Playoffs.
  • Top two finishing teams in each region's Last Chance Qualifiers.

Apex Legends Pro League and Prizing Changes

With the removal of the South American Pro League, the $1M USD prize for the Pro League Regular Season was reconfigured. Previously, APAC South received a total of $62,500 USD, but that has now doubled and is consistent with the other three regions at $125,000 USD per split.

Split 1 Apex Legends Pro League Teams

The ALGS isn’t confirming which teams will start Year 4 in the Pro League, but have provided some details about how those teams will be determined.

The Split 1 Pro League Regular Season will consist of 30 teams per region. Eight of these teams will qualify through Preseason Qualifiers and at least twenty-two teams will be invited based on the following:

  • Teams who competed in the Year 3 Championship, Split 1 Playoffs or Split 2 Playoffs.
  • Teams invited at the discretion of the Apex Legends Global Series.
  • Teams with an average Split Ranking of 15.00 or better across both Split 1 and Split 2 of the Year 3 Pro League. They’ll be invited in order of best to worst.
  • Teams with a Year 3 Last Chance Qualifier placement of 10th or better.

A complete list of confirmed Pro League teams will be shared prior to the start of the Preseason Qualifiers.

Improved Pro League Qualifiers

The Pro League Qualifiers (PLQ) will be undergoing a small change to its format. While the number of teams will remain at 30, the competition will be switching to a double-elimination format that will feature an 8-match series throughout. The only exception will be the finals, which will use the match point format.

ALGS Year Competition Details

The Apex Legend Global Series also released details concerning every step of the Year 4 season including; preseason qualifiers, challengers circuit, pro league, split playoffs, last chance qualifiers and the championship.

For full details you can check out the official documentation on, but here is the key information and important dates to remember.

Preseason Qualifiers

There will be four Preseason Qualifier Tournaments in each region participating in the Apex Legends Pro League, which begins in late November. These tournaments will determine the eight teams from each region that will qualify for the Split 2 Pro League. These qualifying teams will then join the twenty-two invited teams to finish out the list of 30 teams in each region.

  • Registration for the Preseason Qualifiers will open on Monday, October 23rd at
  • The four online Preseason Qualifier tournaments will be powered by Battlefy and take place on November 25-27, December 2-4, December 9-11, and December 16-18, 2023.
  • The winning team from each regional Preseason Qualifier will automatically qualify for Split 1 of the Pro League.
  • Following all four Preseason Qualifier tournaments, the next top four teams in each. region by cumulative points earned throughout the qualifiers will also qualify for Split 1 of the Pro League.
  • All other participating teams will begin Split 1 in the Challenger Circuit.

Important ALGS Dates

Split 1 of the Pro League will start on the weekend of January 20-21st, 2023. The Challengers Circuit for the Apex Legends Global Series will begin on Saturday, February 3rd.

Future dates and locations for the Split 1 and 2 Playoffs and the Championship will be announced at a later date.