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How to Play Fortnite Lantern Fest — Challenges and Rewards

Fortnite Lantern Fest is offering a Ramadan-inspired island and challenges for a limited time. Here's how to take part in Lantern Fest 2024.

The Fortnite Lantern Fest is here with new quests. 

Chapter 5 Season 2 is full of new content for Fortnite players, including Greek mythology locations, new cosmetics, and fun crossovers — the usual. And, like usual, we are also getting some events with quests and rewards, including the current Fortnite Lantern Fest. 

To celebrate Ramadan in-game, Fortnite has introduced the Lantern Fest, an event with a limited-time game mode and some fun quests. Want to win some rewards? Here's how to take part. 

Fortnite Lantern Fest map

How to Participate in the Fortnite Lantern Fest

The Fortnite Lantern Fest takes place on an island. Here's how to take part in the Lantern Fest, including searching for lanterns and solving riddles. 

  1. Head to the main lobby menu and click the search icon
  2. Enter the map code for Latern Fest: 5629-9147-3382
  3. Select "Lantern Fest Oasis" 

All Fortnite Lantern Fest Challenges

Once you're on the Lantern Fest Oasis map, you'll need to complete various tasks to complete the event challenges. 

  • Finish Arena Challenges
  • Finish Arcade Challenges
  • Find All 4 Lanterns
  • Finish All 4 Riddles
  • Prepare The Dining Table

The rewards are not too exciting, to be honest. There are no cosmetics for completing these challenges. Instead, you will win some XP.