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2023 Call of Duty League Major 4 Fantasy Pick 'Em

Who should you pick for your CDL Fantasy Pick 'Em for Major 4
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The Call of Duty League Major 4 is here, which means it's time to select your Fantasy Pick 'Ems. With teams making significant changes to their roster as they adjust to the new game of Modern Warfare 2, this week is sure to bring interesting selections for fantasy choices. Here are the four CDL players you should consider selecting for your fantasy team.

You can make your very own selections and


Teams will be rewarded based on their rosters' performance throughout the stage. The scoring formula takes into account individual player statistics as well as overall team performance. In addition to player and team performance, the following bonuses will apply.

You will now select one captain. Captains will earn your team 1.1x the points as a regular player.

  1. You have a total budget of $25 to spend on your four players
  2. You can only make one submission

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Who Should You Select for Your CDL Major 4 Fantasy Pick 'Em?

Here are the four you should select for your Fantasy Pick 'Em team.

$9 Cellium - Atlanta FaZe

As one of the best player flex players in the Call of Duty League, choosing Cellium as the Captain of our Fantasy Pick 'Em team was an easy choice. He has the ability to pop off at any moment and be the highest scorer in Major 4. The way FaZe is playing right now almost guarantees a deep run for Cellium. Saving the extra dollar also helps us grab more players that are on teams that could make a longer run in the upcoming Major.

$7 Insight - Toronto Ultra

Coming off of Championship in Major 3, Insight should find his way on many Fantasy Pick 'Em teams for Major 4. He helped carry Ultra to a dominating victory, and with the way they're currently playing, there appears to be no stopping them. Getting one of the better ARs in the CDL to pair with one of the best Flex players is a big win for the first two selections.

$5 Hicksy - Toronto Ultra

It's time to find some solid SMG players to pair with our two core stars. And with $9 left and seeing the way Hicksy is coming into his own with his new team is an easy decision with the third selection. He might not put up the slaying number like other SMGs, but he's a great objective player and understands his role. Ultra is poised for another Major Championship run, meaning Hicksy could be racking up the points with the number of games he could end up playing.

$4 Asim - London Royal Ravens

With only 4$ left, you have to start looking at who has the most potential to slay. Asim is that guy. He's the main core of a Royal Ravens team that has been struggling to stay in Majors. The team has shown some resiliency against some of the top teams in the CDL, and with the competitiveness of the league, you never know how far the Royal Ravens can go. Pair that potential with the tremendous amount of talent Asim possesses, and you could have a cheap option that could carry the backend of your Fantasy team.

Full Fantasy Pick 'Em Selections

How Much Does Each Player cost for Major 3 Fantasy Pick 'Em?

  • $10 aBeZy - FaZe
  • $10 HyDra - Subliners
  • $10 Pred - Surge
  • $10 Scrap - Ultra
  • $10 Dashy - OpTic
  • Shotzzy - OpTic
  • $9 Cellium - FaZe
  • $9 Simp - FaZe
  • $9 Slasher - FaZe
  • $9 CleanX - Ultra
  • $9 Beans - Breach
  • $9 Nero - Breach
  • $9 Huke - OpTic
  • $8 Assault - Guerrillas
  • $8 Kenny - Thieves
  • $8 Kismet - Subliners
  • $8 Envoy - Thieves
  • $8 Sib - Surge
  • $8 Owakening - Breach
  • $8 Clayster - Legion
  • $7 Insight - Ultra
  • $7 Nastie - Royal Ravens
  • $7 Exceed - Guerrillas
  • $7 Octane - Thieves
  • $7 Afro - RØKKR
  • $7 Skyz - Subliners
  • $7 Mack - Surge
  • $7  Ghosty - OpTic
  • $6 Havok - Mutineers
  • $6 Brack - Mutinners
  • $6 Skrapz - Royal Ravens
  • $6 JoeDeceives - Guerrillas
  • $6 Drazah - Thieves
  • $6 Priestahh - Subliners
  • $6 London Royal Ravens 4th
  • $5 Hicksy - Ultra
  • $5 FeLo - Mutineers
  • $5 Accuracy - Surge
  • $5 Vivid - Breach
  • $5 Temp - Legion
  • $5 TJHaLey - Legion
  • $5 2Real - Legion
  • $4 Asim - Royal Ravens
  • $4 Capsidal - Mutineers
  • $4 Arcitys - Guerrillas
  • $4 Attach - RØKKR
  • $4 Bance - RØKKR
  • $4 Cammy - RØKKR

How to watch Major 4 of the Call of Duty League?

Viewers can watch the 2023 Call of Duty League Major 4 through the Call of Duty Twitch channel. The CDL Major 4 will take place every Friday-Sunday over the course of four weeks.