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One of the most popular teams in the Call of Duty League has been under the spotlight this year, even third-degreed to a point. They've had roster turnover like crazy, trying to find the right fit for success. 

Dashy gets released, Huke signs, Scump retires, Dashy's back, iLLeY gets dropped, Ghosty gets signed - what felt like a neverending cycle of roster changes has brought question marks but slight hope to the superstar squad.

You look at this roster on paper, Dashy at AR, Shotzzy and Huke doing their thing with the SMG, and you have one of the better rosters currently assembled. Adding Ghosty to the mix has had its ups and downs, but one thing the majority is forgetting is that we need to have patience with a team that has gone through this many changes.

No team is going to instantly click with new players. They're going to need time to get their chemistry, and with the right amount of patience, we could be on the verge of seeing the home team take home Major 3.

Let's answer some questions, though. There's no denying that Ghosty has needed time to adjust to playing outside of Challengers. In Stage 3, he has just an overall 0.88 K/D. He's struggling to get in any sort of a rhythm in Hardpoint and SnD but finding slight success on Control. But overall, if you're just looking at his K/D, it's not a good look for Ghosty.

So, what is he doing right? Ghosty's skill at getting hill time on Hardpoint has helped keep OpTic in those matches. They're not asking him to run and around and slay in matches. They're asking him to get on hills, capture zones, weaken opponents and land assists, which is exactly what he's been proving to be stellar at.

That's where the team dynamic is. Let Shotzzy and Huke run around like madmen. Let Dashy do his thing with the AR. And Ghosty, you get on the objective, and we will beat anyone we match up against.

They proved in their last match that everything is starting to fall into place. Beating arguably the best teams in the CDL (Atlanta FaZe) 3-1 and getting themselves a birth in the Winners Bracket is a great momentum booster heading into the Major 3 they are hosting.

We are seeing the OpTic Texas team chemistry begin to come together, which will pose many issues for their opponents.

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