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Before the 2023 Call of Duty League season began, Seth Abner, aka OpTic Scump, announced that he would retire after the season. Come to everyone's surprise, after the first weekend of Major 2, the King has chosen to retire earlier than expected.

After all the drama surrounding OpTic and Dashy, the team came to the qualifiers in their one and only match and put up a strong fight against Boston Breach. OpTic Scump, in particular, was masterful with his performance. He posted and stellar 1.22 overall K/D, and the team looked to gel well with their new player, Huke. 

Scump has been open about not liking the drama as of late and has mentioned on his stream that he's excited to be a content creator full-time rather than a competitor because of the stress it carries. He appears to be at peace with his decision, saying in his farewell video, "It's not a sad night. It's a happy night. It's a new chapter in my life. So let's have some fun."

After recently moving on from Dashy, he will rejoin the roster in place of Scump. In the farewell speech, Scump says, "With the addition of Brandon back, I hope people are happy with the new roster. I think you guys are going to be disgusting. Bringing Brandon back made sense; life's too short to hold grudges or be mad at each other. I hope he uses this opportunity to be a good teammate. I'm falling down so [Dashy] can go up."

It's an end of an era that many CDL fans were not quite ready for.