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Urzikstan is the brand new map on Call of Duty: Warzone, and it has a number of POIs that can be the difference between a good and bad start to your game. While some POIs will contain more people, and thus more opportunity for good loot, some of the lesser visited POIs will have Hidden Caches. Hidden Caches can give you Perks, Weapons, Cash, and much more to really kickstart your game on Urzikstan. Here are some of the best landing spots in Urzikstan.

Orlov Military Base

Orlov Military Base is located on the edge of the Urzikstan map, and may be avoided by some players. However, Warzone Tac Map revealed that the Military Base has an excellent route to kickstart your game. With four Hidden Caches with a Buy Station at the end, the Orlov Military Base could see you secure a loadout within the first few minutes of the match.

Military Base is even better for finding Hidden Caches due to the minimal number of players who land here, meaning that there will be less competition for these hidden spots.

Zaravan City

Zaravan City Urzikstan Warzone

Zaravan City is reminiscent of Downtown from Warzone’s original Verdansk map, so it has quickly become many players' favored drop location. Being one of the biggest POIs in Urzikstan, Zaravan City has a number of legendary loot boxes, and will also be your best option for starting the game with high kills.

Zaravan City is also located towards the center of the Urzikstan map, meaning that you won’t get caught out by the gas until the later stages of the game. This makes it one of the best landing spots in Urzikstan.

Old Town

Old Town Warzone Urzikstan

Old Town is located right in the center of Urzikstan, and is a hot spot for landing. While Old Town is a risky drop, with many players choosing to land here, it can be extremely rewarding if you come out alive. With a number of buildings, Old Town is perfect for players who like to engage in close quarters combat, and it also has numerous legendary loot boxes.


Seaport Warzone Urzikstan

Seaport is a great drop location if you’re looking to loot up first before heading into combat. Located on the western side of Urzikstan, the Seaport District is usually a quiet location to land. With a number of buildings to find loot, and contracts available around the area, it’s perfect for securing a loadout before rotating towards Zaravan City.

While it may be a little on the outskirts of the action, vehicles and ziplines can be used to quickly get yourself towards the more built-up areas of Urzikstan with ease.