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Veteran Call of Duty Developer Creates New Game Studio

David Vonderhaar is back, this time working on his own AAA game studio

David Vonderhaar is one of the most well known names in the Call of Duty community. For 18 years, Vonderhaar was at the forefront of Call of Duty development, leading the competitive modes on Treyarch’s Black Ops series, and even playing a crucial role in the creation of Blackout and Warzone. In August 2023, Vonderhaar stepped away from Treyarch, with a new opportunity on the horizon. Today, he revealed more.

Vonderhaar’s BulletFarm

On February 25, 2024, Vonderhaar posted a website link on social media. This website was updated over the next three days, and on February 28, all was revealed. Vonderhaar said, “We’ve started a new game studio, called BulletFarm! Many thanks to those who took the time to put the pieces together over these past 3 days.”

BulletFarm! Homepage

The BulletFarm! website details some information on their first project, and the ambitions of the studio.

“BulletFarm is currently developing a new and ambitious AAA game, built in Unreal Engine 5 and set in an original universe with an emphasis on cooperative gameplay. The game will craft a more intimate and relatable experience while offering a fresh take on first-person gameplay. BulletFarm has a remote-first approach with the main studio headquartered in Los Angeles. Joining Vonderhaar as the studio’s creative director is veteran game designer Chris Cowell. BulletFarm currently has several key roles open and is actively seeking top talent to join the founding team.”

BulletFarm! has one thing that many gaming fans have been looking for, and that is the promise of no battle passes. On their website, they say “we believe gameplay should come with the game – not battle passes.”

Other than that, there is minimal information on what we can expect from BulletFarm!. However, with David Vonderhaar leading the way, we can be sure to expect a title with massive innovation, and an excellent competitive mode.

Vonderhaar joins the long list of Call of Duty developers who have moved on to different projects. This includes the many developers who left Call of Duty to create Respawn, developing Titanfall and Apex Legends, and most recently Mark Rubin, who is leading development of Ubisoft’s XDefiant.