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Call of Duty League Metas Nerfed: Taq-56 and Vaznev-9k Damage Range Decreased

The latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 update nerfs the Taq and the Vaznev.
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With the M4 being GA'd after the Call of Duty League Major 1, the Taq-56 took its place as the main AR, while the Vaznev-9k was kept as the main SMG throughout the year's entirety. Both guns have dominated use in CDL and Ranked Play alike.

In the latest Call of Duty update, both guns were nerfed, getting hit with a maximum damage range reduction. 

There have been constant complaints about the Vaznev's time-to-kill (TTK). It's also been regarded as the best SMG ever to make its way into competitive Call of Duty. While the reduction at range doesn't feel the greatest for sub-players, the close to medium-range gunfights should still be dominated by SMGs. 

For the Taq, reducing the damage range to Vaznev could mean those medium-range gunfights won't be totally dominated by SMGs. Trying to find a solution to a sub-dominated game by lowering the damage range won't solve the problem players have been having against the Vaznev. 

Plenty of players in the CDL have been quoted saying that they want the Vaznev GA'd. While it may appear things are starting to even out, this won't be exactly what they were hoping for. It's likely the Vaznev will still dominate the scene until teams decide to remove it from the league, which is also likely not to happen, especially with the final Major underway.

If the damage range reductions to either of the weapons move players, specifically in Ranked Play, away from using them, here are a few options to consider:

How to Watch the Call of Duty League

Viewers can watch the 2023 Call of Duty League through the Call of Duty Twitch and YouTube channels. If you are watching on Twitch, be sure to link your Activision and Twitch accounts to receive Twitch Drops during eligible events. The CDL will take place every Friday-Sunday over the course of four weeks.