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Call of Duty: Warzone 2’s DMZ mode is full of objectives that keep the gameplay interesting and intense. There are various factions that are competing to take over Al Mazrah, each with unique objectives for you to complete for exclusive rewards — if you escape with your life.

One of these objectives is Caved In, a three-tier mission given to you by White Lotus. It’s one of the more complex objectives with three separate tasks that will take you all around Al Mazrah. Since it’s so complex, you may be wondering where to begin. We’re here to help you get this objective completed in one piece!

When you start DMZ mode, you won’t have the Caved In mission available. You need to progress through the White Lotus missions to unlock this one. Once it’s unlocked, select it and drop into Al Mazrah to complete the three different parts.

How to Complete Caved In Mission

This objective revolves around Sattiq Cave. This is where you’ll find Smuggling Records and where you’ll place Sensitive Documents. But you’ll not only need to do that but defeat a bunch of intense AI enemies in the caves, meaning it may be best to bring a squad.

These are the three tasks:

  • Dock a boat at the Sattiq Caves
  • Find and extract the Smuggling Records
  • Place Sensitive Documents where you found the Smuggling Records

Here’s the easiest way to get it done!

Get the Sensitive Documents

Start by grabbing the Sensitive Documents before heading to the Sattiq Caves. These documents don’t have a specific spawn location and instead can be found at police stations throughout Al Mazrah.

Head to one of the police stations, fight off AI enemies, grab the Sensitive Documents, and then store them in your backpack.

Extract Smuggling Records

After you safely have the Sensitive Documents, head to the nearest body of water to find a boat — ideally an Armored Patrol Boat. Drive up to the riverside caves in Sattiq Caves, eventually heading into Sattiq Cave.

Remember that this cave will be full of enemies. Once they’re all eliminated, you can dock the boat near the refueling post and head out to find the Smuggling Records. You’ll find this in the houses in the Sattiq Cave Complex.

Follow a path that leads to the cave’s exit on the right. Here, you’ll find two small houses. The second house on the right is where you’ll find the Smuggling Records for White Lotus.

Once you find them, replace them with the Sensitive Documents.

All that’s left to do after this is safely extract from Al Mazrah. After you have the Smuggling Records, find the nearest extraction point to exfil from the map and complete the objective.