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How to Dominate Fortress Search and Destroy: Win With CDL Pro, Havok

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With Ranked Play on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 becoming more and more popular with average players, finding ways to improve your game and win more often is a constant question. How do CDL pros strategize throughout matches, and what plays are they making that find the most success?

We spoke with Colt "Havok" McLendon to talk about what his most successful game mode is - Search and Destroy. He gives you plays and setups that he makes on Fortress, which is a strategy he uses most often to help his team to victory.

How to Win on Offense in Search and Destroy 

If you're on offense, I think the best strategy to win an offense would be to get the bomb down, and then, if you've been teaming for a while, you probably have post-plant setups. So you'd get into your post-plant setup, and you'd wait for the enemy to try to retake you. And more than likely, you're going to win if you get the bomb down and no one has died yet. The best post-plant setup is we would get the bomb down, and you can play on-site or off-site, but it's probably better or safer to play off-site. But playing near the open and closed arches has high-risk high-reward. You'll probably find one or two. Basically, we would get control of P4, which is top dark, top railing. And then you'd have a guy lurk around there, and then you'd have a guy play the back either behind the 18 Wheeler or behind the logs. The logs are common. You might need a trophy system. And then you have one guy watching the flank through P1 street. That's like a decent setup for sure.

How to Win on Defense in Search and Destroy 

For Fortress, it's such an offensive-sided map. If they get the bomb down and they get out, you're pretty much going to lose. Taking early risks early on in the round is really good, but it can't be too obvious. You can't just like climb up top dubs or climb up top single. A fast triple pinch is always good. Double hit the bottom door, Even solo hitting it. It's about making plays early on defense unless you wanna risk it and play slow and try to retake with grenades. Maybe it's like a round-one defense, and they don't have trophies. You can definitely play slow.

Playing Search and Destroy on Fortress is meant to be played fast and gain control early. Making team pushes early and getting into post-plant setups before the other team has time to pick your team off. 

Even when you're defending, quickly hitting bottom art with a teammate or duo-challing open and closed to avoid the quick plant is vital to a round win. Whatever strategy you use, finding the teammates to make these plays that Havok makes will have you win more Search and Destroy rounds.

Now that you have a CDL pro strategy for winning Fortress SnD, you can find more ways to win and quickly rank up.