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With Major 1 of the Call of Duty League underway, voting for the 'Team of the Major' has begun. It was going to be interesting to see how the players would adapt to Modern Warfare 2 with the new maps and playstyle it offers. Several players have already put their stamp on the new CDL season, and they are being rewarded as the best players of the Major.

Here are the players being nominated for the first ever Team of the Major:

  • Scump (OpTic)
  • Asim (Royal Ravens)
  • Owakening (Breach)
  • Drazah (Thieves)
  • Afro (RØkkr)
  • Sib (Surge)
  • Hydra (Subliners)
  • Cellium (FaZe)

But who should you vote for? Each of these players has played phenomenally for their teams and deserves consideration. Cellium is arguably the best in the CDL right now, and the change to MW2 has done him wonders. He has, by far, the best K/D in the league right now, sporting a gaudy 1.33 after qualifiers. He's likely the favorite to win this honor, but the rest of the group can't be overlooked.

Major 1 has been great to players like Sib, Hydra, and Owakening, as all three have had several highlight clips. But the player that should take home this honor is Afro. RØkkr was at the bottom of the Call of Duty League last year, and he's a significant reason why RØkkr sits on top of the CDL standings. After qualifiers, Afro has a 1.19 K/D and a superb SnD K/D of 1.55.

If you're voting, here's the order I would vote for:

  1. Afro
  2. Cellium
  3. Owakening
  4. Asim
  5. Scump
  6. Drazah
  7. Sib
  8. Hydra

You can cast your vote here

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