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CoD Players Forced to Touch Grass After MW3 Server Issues Break Game

Call of Duty: MW3 has never really been this broken. Gamers are alerting developers that basically everything has been wiped from the game, including their ranked levels.

Call of Duty players across the world have been feeling frustration and fear after the servers were plagued with unimaginable issues earlier this morning. 

February 23, 2024 is a cursed day for Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone 2 players. Players have been reporting issues all morning — and they're all major issues. Here's what's been going on with the servers.

Call of Duty Server Issues On February 23

This morning, Call of Duty has been declared broken. Popular content creator MrDalekJD, who has over 2.68M subscribers on YouTube, said on Twitter: "I have never seen Call of Duty so broken in my life." 

Overall, nothing is really working. Players have been demoted to Level 1 as ranks suddenly reset. Weapon levels were also reset along with classes. Equipped emblems and everything else have been reset and all progress is lost. Everything appears to be wiped.

Call of Duty Devs Respond to Broken Game

As players began to panic, developers took to Twitter to provide a panic amidst the chaos. 

"We're working on a fix for a known issue that appeared overnight that is preventing progress from being tracked in various areas of the game," developers wrote. 

Developers also noted that players may experience "unusual behavior" when it comes their level and equipment. 

For now, the servers are still in shambles. Players should open other games or even — gulp — go outside as developers look into fixing MW3. If you can't fathom not playing Call of Duty, however, matchmaking does still work.