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Predicting Day 1 of Weekend 1 for Call of Duty League Major 4

Who is going to win the first day of the first weekend in Major 4 of the Call of Duty League?
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With Major 3 a thing of the past, it's time to turn our attention to Major 4. A few recent changes have found their way to the Call of Duty League. Rostermania hit a few teams and we are in for a new map. Let's break down the matches for the first day of the first weekend of the Major 4 Qualifiers.

These are predictions based on how teams have performed in certain game modes throughout the year. You can view the updated Major 4 schedule and scores here.

Boston Breach vs. Vegas Legion

Hardpoint: BOS 250-177 VEG

Vegas won four of their last five Hardpoint matches during Major 3 but struggled during the qualifiers. They're getting back on the right track, but Boston has been too tough to beat in Hardpoint. 

SnD: BOS 4-6 VEG

Vegas has been known as an SnD team this year, and they will continue that trend. Boston has been respectable in SnD and is trending in the right direction, but it won't be enough to beat Vegas.

Control: BOS 3-1 VEG

This one is simple - in Control, one team has been decent, and the other has been awful. Vegas' woes will likely continue despite the recent roster changes. 

Hardpoint: BOS 250-210 VEG

Vegas could take one of the two Hardpoint rounds, but with how Boston has been playing, they should be able to close out the match in four games. 

Vegas is starting to put things together and is trending up, but Boston takes the match 3-1.

Los Angeles Thieves vs. London Royal Ravens

Hardpoint: LAT 250-217 LON

London is at their best on Hardpoint and the Thieves were subpar at Major 3. Despite their recent ups and downs, they should be able to beat London, despite a tightly contested round.

SnD: LAT 6-5 LON

Both teams have struggled this season on SnD. London has been better as of late, but the stronger team should win this round.

Control: LAT 3-0 LON

Control has been London's worst rounds but they have won two of their last three. Still, the Thieves are one of the better Control teams in the CDL and should take care of London easily. 

London has been keeping some games against elite teams close, but Thieves should take the match 3-0.

Atlanta FaZe vs. New York Subliners

Hardpoint: ATL 250-239 NYS

New York has a strong record on Hardpoint but has struggled recently, losing their last three matches and being average throughout Major 3. FaZe is in a similar boat but is the stronger team and should squeak out a closely fought match.

SnD: ATL 6-3 NYS

It's no secret how good FaZe has been on SnD. They may have had their streak broken by Toronto Ultra in Major 3 but they are on the right track to start another one. Like Hardpoint, New York has a three game losing streak on SnD and could struggle in this one.

Control: ATL 2-3 NYS

New York has been a strong Control team this year and continued to have success in the past Major. FaZe is respectable in Control but dropped their past three, which could give New York the edge and avoid the sweep.

Hardpoint: ATL 213-250 NYS

New York could very well win one of the two Hardpoint matches. With both teams struggling at Hardpoint as of late, New York could grab the victory and take it to a game five.

SnD: ATL 6-2 NYS

The dreaded game five SnD against FaZe. If it does, in fact, come to this, FaZe is the superior team and should put New York away to secure the victory.

New York has been up and down a lot this year and despite having one of the deeper rosters, they drop their match, giving FaZe the 3-2 victory.

How to watch Major 4 of the Call of Duty League?

Viewers can watch the 2023 Call of Duty League Major 4 through the Call of Duty Twitch channel. The CDL Major 4 will take place every Friday-Sunday over the course of four weeks.

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